Thursday, July 29, 2010

Write. Doodle. Think.

I have adopted a new hobby.  Maybe I should say I have re-adopted a new hobby.  I bet you can't guess what it is by this post's title?

Yep, journaling.

I once journaled, but wasn't very good at it.  I just wasn't consistent. I've had friends who were star journalists.  These friends were consistent, faithful, daily journalers.  And I admired that.

So I wanted to give it a second go.  I wanted to integrate it into my time spent with the Lord.  Put down my thoughts.  Write.  Doodle.  Think.  Have a log of where I've been and how I've seen the Lord work.  Or how I've had to learn this lesson or that lesson, etc...

I started just three days ago.  So far it's going great.  I am a journaling queen.  It's helping me organize my thoughts and it's helping me be intentional.

I plan to keep it up.  We'll see how it goes...

And I must say, picking out a journal was quite fun.  There were rows and rows of cute journals (at Target, where else?).  I settled on some recycled ones in a pack of three.  Made from bananas and recycled bottles and stuff.  And adorned with a sweet lil bird.  More motivation to journal, right? ;)

Do I have any fellow journalers out there?  Come on now, don't be shy!

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