Friday, April 25, 2014

Life Lately...

In just over a month from now we head back to the states.  To say things are pretty busy and slightly overwhelming might just be a true statement ;)

So before I forget, I wanted to post a few memorable pics from the last month or so (they never made it to the blog for one reason or another...probably because it's hard for me to find time to blog these days! yikes.)
I love me a good toddler smile...and this chick has it down pat.
See, more toddler smile proof...(above with her good friend Lea)
And this little girl is in the throughs of not being able to express herself very well, poor babe...which means squeals and tears and mini tantrums (she's only a year old!?!?).  But I mean, come on, look at that little face! I could eat her right up (after she finishes squealing, that is ;)
With some of our sweet friends...who just happen to have two daughters the same ages as ours.  Cool, huh?
And we spent Easter visiting with these lovely peeps that we miss (well, only one of them is pictured).  Aren't those eggs fun?  Tie-dye and glitter for the win :)

So how's that for random?  But that's kinda how my brain feels these days...filled with a gazillion random things I need to accomplish.  Thankful for God's grace during this season!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nora's One Year Party!

We kept it small, simple, and sweet for Nora's first birthday party.  We didn't invite too many people anyway, but in the end, quite a few weren't able to make it (not going to lie, I was kind of bummed), BUT it was fine and we were thankful for those who were there :)

The most important thing:  we got to celebrate our sweet girl!
 This was the invitation we sent out, but it had details on it, of course.  I created a blank one because we plan to have another small party with family and friends when we're in the states in June! :)
Isn't Nora's cake AMAZING!?!?  Our friend, Zuzka, has made both of E's cakes and now N's too.  I told her she HAS to open a cake business.  She's great.
This is the best shot we could get with our Zuzka...(one year olds are super wiggly :)
Told ya, really simple food.  But good, nonetheless.  I think the kiddos liked it all, haha.
Love this lil family of mine.  N wasn't scared of the singing, nor the cake...and I have to admit, I was surprised.  I was thinking she might be...but nope!  She handled it like a champ (I think she just wanted to eat the cake, haha...chocolate lover like her mama :)
Proof.  The aftermath.  She was a big fan of the cake.  Mmmmmmm.
And the last photo is of E pinning the dots on the ladybug.  Quick, fun game.  

Loved celebrating our little lady...but one year flew by wayyyyy too fast!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nora Rose: ONE YEAR!

The time has come.  Nora Rose is one year old.  Hard for me to fathom (though I know I sound like a broken record each month, it just always baffles me how quickly the time flies).

She's a little light and joy.
At one year old she:

~ Repeats/copies/does just about everything her sister does.  It's just the cutest thing.  Elise coughs, Nora coughs.  Elise claps, Nora claps, and so on.  Adorable.

~ Eats well, generally.  Loves carrots (with a touch of cinnamon), yogurt, bananas, and veggies still not her fav.
(Not the greatest photo, but still sweet of N exploring her sprinkle pancakes and candle :)

~ Naps two times a day still.  10 am and 1:30 pm.  Seems to work pretty well, though she's not a long sleeper.  At night she goes to sleep at 7:45 and still consistently wakes up at 5 am...but will then go back to sleep until about 6:30 am.  Ah, our girlies are not known for their amazing sleeping skills ;)

~ LOVES playing with shoes and taking them all over the house.  She also thinks it's the coolest thing ever to get ahold of the wipes and take them out.
~ Has started climbing up on the couches, which is both really cute and a bit nerve-wrecking too (we're afraid she'll fall right off, even though she knows how to get down feet first).

~ This girl never slows down and keeps us on our toes.  She's a little cute ball of energy (and a big part of the reason we're tired at night...but it's worth it ;)
~ Is starting to demonstrate her own opinions.  Is not too happy if you tell her no or take something away from her.  Hehe.

~ Still doesn't have much hair, has three teeth on bottom and two on top with two more top teeth coming in, and wears generally between 9 and 12 month clothes (though more 12 month now).
Nory girl, we don't know where the time has gone, but we know it's just going to keep flying.  Life with you in it is so much sweeter.  We're thankful God allowed you to be "ours" a year ago and we pray for many more years with you.  Keep true to your name, little, and be that light He made you to be! Happiest Birthday, We love you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nora's One Year Photos: Sweet Girl & Family Silliness

Oh this little girl.  This cute little girl.

She'll be one in just over a week.

I love these photos of her.  Those teeth.  That's all I gotta say.  Those teeeeeeth! :)
This dress is our "one year photo shoot" baby girl dress.  That means Elise wore it for her one year photos too...and if we have any more baby girls, it'll be their dress too.  How about a comparison photo of E and N at one year?  (Nora above and Elise below, just in case that isn't obvious ;)
Isn't it amazing how two sisters can be so cute yet so different?  Love, love them.

Back to our shoot.  We tried to get some family shots, which are always hilarious and challenging.  These were our best (and funniest) ones :)
 (We think that one above really kind of captures our crazy...and yes, it's absolutely crazy around here ;)
 Told ya! (haha, in that one above the kiddos are normal and us 'rents are goofin')
Oh, Nory girl...I think it's time we stop feeding you Miracle Grow and get out that brick to put on your head.  Love you so, so much, little.
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