Who ARE we?

We're the Palmers.  Christ-followers, best friends, a family living in Slovakia, documenting our journey of things both big and small.
First, let's meet Jason...
That picture pretty much sums him up.  He's a fun-loving, joke-making, awesome husband and father who is known for not being afraid to tell it as it is.  He's naturally athletic and ruggedly good-lookin' (those eyes ;) and loves digging into God's Word, fishing, being outdoors, making friends, and singing in the shower :)  He would probably want it to be known that he's a big fan of the Carolina Tarheels...and it's likely he always will be.

Charity, here...
I guess this picture pretty much sums me up too.  I'm a self-claimed dork with serious love for good books.  I'm quite the fan of crafting, but my love for chocolate (and cookies!) may take the cake (pun intended ;)  I also really enjoy being in the sun...particularly at the beach, trying my hand at photography, and having good conversations with friends.  I'm thankful every day for God's grace as I'm learning to (and will continue to learn) to be a mom.

Now to meet our two cuties...
This is Elise Noelle.  Born September 2011, her latest obsession is figuring out the big world around her.  She's really into anything and everything she can get her hands on, loving on her little sister with lots of sweet kisses, building tower after tower out of blocks, and giggling :)  We think she's the bees' knees and quite adorable.  It's our opinion that she's a top notch toddler, though we may be a little biased.  But I mean seriously, she's pretty stinkin' cute, huh? ;)
Then there's this little bundle of warm squishy baby.  Nora Rose.  She joined us in April 2013 and we couldn't be more glad.  She spends most of her time sleeping, with an occasional meal thrown in there, so life for her is lots of dreaming :)  We can't wait to watch her learn, grow, and interact with her big sis.

So that's us!  We definitely make mistakes, have our flaws, and don't always represent Christ as we want to.  But when we fall, we get back up, dust the dirt off, and try to keep our eyes on the prize (Heaven).  We're thankful for this life and want to make the most of it.

Thanks for following along! :)


  1. Well, first off Elsie is adorable. :) I love seeing ya'lls love of Christ shine through your life. Very encouraging to see! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! I am happy you enjoyed it, and that my humble ramblings could be of some encouragement. Oh and did I mention that it is super neat that we are both Charity's? Pretty cool name huh? :) I hope you, Jason and Elsie are doing good and I look forward to visiting your blog often. God Bless!

  2. love it! i am now going to enjoy your blog via email - love love love that blogs can come to my email! :) and did you know my sister's name is noelle (yep, spelled the same!) and i have a cousin named rose, so it's a feminine name i've always grown up loving!? :) :) precious! i am super happy to follow your blog now and it's making me a little bit braver to blog about the details about mom stuff... like methods and whatever. i don't love to preach that stuff, but we all love learning from each other, too, you know? anyways, looking forward to following your little blog!


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