Thursday, August 30, 2012

Venice continued...

Finally getting around to posting more of our pictures from our day in Venice.

Of course I had my fill of Caprese salad (ever my favorite!).  I think I had it at least three times during our whole trip....ummmummm.

We also found a little bakery that was serving up macaroons.  I've always seen them and heard about them, but I've never had them, so naturally I had to get some!  I'm glad to say they met my expectations.

Jason and I shared the above three macaroons...which means I ate two and he ate one.  My poor hubby ;)

We couldn't snap enough pictures of the waterways...they're just too pretty.  So here's some Venice eye candy for you...

Such a beautiful, beautiful sinking must go!

I still need to blog about our last day in Italy, but it may be interrupted by a post of some fun farm animals...we'll just have to see which I decide to do first.  So come back, because, ya know, I like to keep things interesting around here ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

August 27- Today is my best friend's birthday!

I want the whole world to know how thankful I am that God brought you into this world 26 years ago. With you, I experience God's grace everyday. With you, I enjoy life more than I ever have. To raise our beautiful baby girl with you is an honor and a lot of fun. Thanks for making life good. I love you best friend and sweetheart. You are my only one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

P.S.- Elise says that you are an awesome mama and wishes you a Happy Birthday too!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Eleven Months!

Interrupting our Venice pictures for some shots of our lil eleven month old cutie...

Eleven months...say what!?!?  How is it that next month our baby will be one year old?  Fastest. year. ever.

Early this a.m. we took Elise's eleven month photos.

Wow, it seems a whole lot happened over the past month.  The girl has really grown and learned lots of new skills.

Weight:  won't know for sure until our next appointment in Sept., but if I had to guess, she's gotta be a solid 20 pounds or more.

What's new:  TONS!  She can now blow kisses, wave really well, copy many facial expressions (like moving her tongue back and forth), point to my nose (but still not her own), she's climbing up on a lot of things and doesn't seem scared in the least, points at things in general, dances to all kinds of music, whines when she wants something (particularly food), and she's started squealing quite a bit.  She also knows quite well how to drink from a sippy cup and a regular cup (with help).

She's not yet walking on her own, but takes lots of guided steps with help :)

Also, this girl is still sporting her toothless grin (and oddly enough, I'm totally ok with that).  I love her gummy grin, though we keep expecting a bottom tooth where it seems there is a bud...any day now!

Food, oh food.  Let's be honest, this girl can put down the food.  She now pretty much eats what we eat...and seems to love most all of it.  She has a particular love for all fruit, eats meats well, and will eat veggies, though they're not her favorite.  But wow, I'm telling you, you would be impressed if you saw her eat...she's got it down pat!

Napping is still far from her favorite with two 40 minute naps being about all she can crank out.  She also is still a solid 5 am waker...she's consistent, this one.

Her personality shines more every day and she hardly meets a stranger.  She's still pretty attached to mama, but daddy makes her laugh like no other.

Happy ELEVEN months, big girl!  You're SUCH a blessing :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We Got Our Vacation on: Venice Trip

I mentioned in the last post that we were able to hop a boat and spend a day in Venice during our vacation.

Our lil girl was a trooper for the day, and I have to say her dad was too.  Poor guy got his muscles worked out lifting her up and down all over the bridges of Venice (there are +/- 400 bridges in Venice...if that gives you any idea!).  I just told him it would make his already hot arms even hotter :)

The boat ride there took about thirty minutes.  Elise made friends with some elderly Italian ladies.  I love these below two shots for some reason...I think it has everything to do with the lighting.
All the old buildings are just so intricate and inspiring.  Wouldn't the windows below make really interesting stamps or designs for a project?

Of course we had to find the gondolas.  When I visited Venice some six years ago I thought it would be a neat experience to ride in one.  Well, it's not exactly a cheap experience, so it was pretty quickly vetoed back then.  However, my hubby insisted on a gondola ride for my birthday (which is next week) I said yes!  I still can't believe we did it (I get a little weak from sticker shock if I think about it too much!), but I'm pretty sure hubs was proud of himself for giving me what he called "a great birthday experience." ;)

Instead of holding hands and snuggling up while being toted through the water, Jas and I were pretty consumed with keeping that bundle of energy above from falling in!  (not quite how I imagined it six years ago, but I wouldn't change it for anything!!)

We did see some pretty gorgeous scenes.  This should be a watercolor painting...

Venice is definitely one beautiful, unique city.  Very thankful we got to visit.  I took quite a few pictures...more of those coming up next!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Got Our Vacation On: Beach Days

We got our vacation on...
...and it was truly a much needed, relaxing, prayer-filled, great trip. We headed off to Italy to spend a few nights "Euro-campin'," which is basically a nice, but cheaper, way to camp on the Italian beaches.  First, however, we broke down the travel time into two parts.  We spent the night in Austria on the way down and continued our journey the next day.

The drive was gorgeous to say the least!

But we also spent a whole lot of time in tunnels since we were going through the Austrian and Italian Alps...

Ah, the beach, oh how I had missed it.

E got to spend some quality time with sand and sand toys... 

And on the topic of sand, let me just note a few things I learned from having a baby at the beach:
1)  Getting sand out of a baby bum is far from easy...challenging barely describes it (thank goodness for spray shower heads :)
2)  Another, possibly even more challenging feat is lathering the sunscreen on a moving target, aka baby.  Tough, I tell ya.
3)  Eating sand is totally normal.  This girl took clumps and chunked that in her mouth (could be because she loves to eat, but I think it's probably just the baby way on the sandy shores!)

Whew, but it was much fun and she sported that lil pink polka dotted suit like such a cutie :)

Below, one of my new favorite photos of my two favorite people...

Then Daddy Boy decided to build a sandcastle for E.  As you can tell she was less than thrilled with it (he'll have to work on his skills, it seems)

But she cheered up after awhile.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the beach and Elise was a total champ.  We were pretty impressed.  She even cried one time when we took her away from the ocean (that's my girl!!!)

Squished in between our beach days was a day trip to Venice.  Never fear, we'll be back with pics of that in no time ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Roman Ruins...Ruined?

While the grandparents were here visiting (it was a goooood trip!) we went off to visit some Roman ruins in an Austrian town across the border called Hainburg (where Elise was born actually).

We were all geared up to tour the place and be amazed, but we ended up deciding that the price we were going to have to pay wasn't worth the few hours we had to explore, so we opted to just do a little tour on our own of all the "free" places.

After a little driving we found a spot where supposedly you could go see an old amphitheater in all its glory.  Wellllll, much to our dismay those ole ancient ruins were being set up for some kind of big party!  Say what!?!?!  A party in the ruins and we weren't invited?  Where's the love?

But no worries, all was not lost, we snapped some great family photos and did some jigs (read:  hilariously uncoordinated dance moves) to the tunes being tested on the speakers.

So, alas, no amazing photos of Roman ruins, but these make up for it :)

At least it was a most beautiful day.

What can I say?  He's a hottie that best friend of mine :)

Being squished = no smile from lil E.

There's a smile!

Love this one.

On the way out we spotted this parking sign and deemed it the perfect spot for snapping a PALMER family photo...

We were so glad for the time we got to spend with the 'rents/grand'rents...ruined Roman ruins and all ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lookin' Back at the Week...

Happy Sunday, friends!

The last week and a half we've been hanging with family and it's been gooood.  

But let's recap with a few pictures from recently, shall we? :)

Picture 1:  A total "mom-of-the-year" moment for me...we were out eating lunch and E filled her diaper with, well, the messy stuff.  It was a double-teamer, so Jas and I took her to the park bench where we got her changed (there were no kid-friendly bathrooms at this restaurant).  Unfortunately it just happened to be the one day I didn't have a change of clothes for the lil...soooo she went back into the restaurant sans clothing until we could get home.  Oh goodness, we got a few looks!

Picture 2:  Post-lunch rest at the castle gates.

Picture 3:  I had some of my favorite instagram moments printed out by prinstagram.   I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to get them up on the wall...I have big plans for 'em!

Picture 4:  Love this sweet sleeping face.  Does it get any sweeter?

Picture 5:  I can't believe it.  I just can't believe it.  I'm starting to like sushi.  Yep, you read that right.  This once completely anti-sushi girl is becoming a convert.  I'm still no legit sushi eater (so far I'm sticking to just simple rolls), but it's progress nonetheless.  My husband, ever the sushi fan, is quite pleased by this.

Picture 6:  The grandparents watched lil E and my man and I got to have a date night out.  We went to dinner (see above about sushi) and then to a movie...the first movie we've been to together since Elise was born!  Fun stuff!

Next week the three of us are heading to Italy for a few days for a getaway and we're looking forward to it.   Wow, where oh where did the summer go?  Yeeesshhh!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Queen of Cute

Just in case you were starting to think that we didn't take any pictures of Elise while we were at The Palace, I'm here to prove you wrong :)

But this Queen of Cute just needed a post all to herself.

These photos just so happen to be some of my favorite ones of her to date...the lil cutie (how many times can I use the word cute, or a related form of it, in this post? hmmmm... :)

I don't love that her feet are cut off in this one, and admittedly the lighting isn't the best, but man, that lil it.

She decided to smile it up in her stroller.  I took big advantage of that...

Who knew that being cute was so exhausting?  She conked out from all the excitement of the Palace and riding around in her stroller.  It's tough being so little (and so cute ;)

Schonbrunn Palace

Can you say that five times fast?  Schonbrunn, Schonbrunn...ok, don't really do it ;)

We may not have said it five times fast, but we did visit there this weekend with the Ridgecrest team.  This was Mother Teresia's summer house (if you can even call it a house)...

The Palace (aka our new digs ;)

Stela, Caity, and my love.

Looking UP.

My favorite flower...there were lots in the gardens behind the palace.

Love how these trees were trimmed into arches (hard to see in this pic, but trust me it was really neat).

For my first trip there, a pretty quick trip at that, I quite enjoyed it.  Next time we go back I want to spend some time in the gardens!
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