Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Schonbrunn Palace

Can you say that five times fast?  Schonbrunn, Schonbrunn...ok, don't really do it ;)

We may not have said it five times fast, but we did visit there this weekend with the Ridgecrest team.  This was Mother Teresia's summer house (if you can even call it a house)...

The Palace (aka our new digs ;)

Stela, Caity, and my love.

Looking UP.

My favorite flower...there were lots in the gardens behind the palace.

Love how these trees were trimmed into arches (hard to see in this pic, but trust me it was really neat).

For my first trip there, a pretty quick trip at that, I quite enjoyed it.  Next time we go back I want to spend some time in the gardens!

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