Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

August 27- Today is my best friend's birthday!

I want the whole world to know how thankful I am that God brought you into this world 26 years ago. With you, I experience God's grace everyday. With you, I enjoy life more than I ever have. To raise our beautiful baby girl with you is an honor and a lot of fun. Thanks for making life good. I love you best friend and sweetheart. You are my only one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

P.S.- Elise says that you are an awesome mama and wishes you a Happy Birthday too!

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  1. Oh, Jason, what a beautiful tribute to Charity. You are both so blessed to have one another, and precious, little Elise. Happy birthday, beautiful daughter! Thank you, Jason, for being such a wonderful husband to her, and daddy to Elise. We love you all forever.


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