Thursday, August 30, 2012

Venice continued...

Finally getting around to posting more of our pictures from our day in Venice.

Of course I had my fill of Caprese salad (ever my favorite!).  I think I had it at least three times during our whole trip....ummmummm.

We also found a little bakery that was serving up macaroons.  I've always seen them and heard about them, but I've never had them, so naturally I had to get some!  I'm glad to say they met my expectations.

Jason and I shared the above three macaroons...which means I ate two and he ate one.  My poor hubby ;)

We couldn't snap enough pictures of the waterways...they're just too pretty.  So here's some Venice eye candy for you...

Such a beautiful, beautiful sinking must go!

I still need to blog about our last day in Italy, but it may be interrupted by a post of some fun farm animals...we'll just have to see which I decide to do first.  So come back, because, ya know, I like to keep things interesting around here ;)


  1. I think it's absolutely incredible how Venetians built their city. Your pics make me wanna move it higher on my bucket list. :)

  2. love looking at your Venice pictures. I could imagine right where you were standing in some of the pics. So sad our timing was off by so little... would've loved to have seen yall there!

  3. you're funny chica! I love the tower of coloful macaroons. You know, I've never tried one either but have heard a lot of hype about them lately. word on the street is macaroon shops are cropping up like cupcake shops.


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