Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Queen of Cute

Just in case you were starting to think that we didn't take any pictures of Elise while we were at The Palace, I'm here to prove you wrong :)

But this Queen of Cute just needed a post all to herself.

These photos just so happen to be some of my favorite ones of her to date...the lil cutie (how many times can I use the word cute, or a related form of it, in this post? hmmmm... :)

I don't love that her feet are cut off in this one, and admittedly the lighting isn't the best, but man, that lil face...love. it.

She decided to smile it up in her stroller.  I took big advantage of that...

Who knew that being cute was so exhausting?  She conked out from all the excitement of the Palace and riding around in her stroller.  It's tough being so little (and so cute ;)


  1. SO Cute! And look how light her hair is getting! I think she gets that from her momma ;)

  2. adorable... love the pose in the 3rd pic!


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