Monday, September 30, 2013

My Very Favorite Onesie

I have a very favorite onesie that someone gave us when Elise was born.

It's cute, colorful, and fits oh so well (and I think it's from Baby Gap).

I wish they made one in my size :)

But since they don't I choose to take pics of our girls in it...

(Nora recently has been obsessed with blowing and spitting from her mouth...cracks me up)

And what? don't wear pearls with your onesies?  It's all the rage these days :)

Since Nora is closing in on six months, I also remembered taking some pics of Elise in this onesie when she was just a few weeks older.  How about a throwback?

Love those girls...and that onesie!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nora's First Food! {Video}

Almost a week ago we gave Nora her first bite of real food!  We started with carrots this time around (E got sweet potato back when she began).  

If you've got a free four minutes (a luxury, believe me, I understand ;) check out the eating action. 

A few things to note:
1) I'm no good on camera. Period.
2) Elise turns down the carrots, then I do, but for poor Nora the show must go on!
3) If you hang on 'til towards the end you can see E try to choke N with the spoon.  Good parenting right there, folks ;)
4) Pardon the shakiness, someone (ahem, Daddy boy, ahem) isn't the world's steadiest hand (but I'm not sure I would've done any better!)

Let the viewing begin!

Since this video was taken I'm happy to report that she now keeps the carrots down and seems to like them more (at least more than before ha!).  Up next, I think we'll try banana!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elise is TWO!

Two whole years have passed since I gave birth to this little sweetie and I don't even have a clue where the time has gone.  

As in I almost can't comprehend it.  

But she is.  She's two.  Full of life, joy, challenging at times, but oh so very very lovable.

I could just eat her up.  And that's just what I'm trying to do.  Eat up every moment with her because I feel like time is escaping me.

Here's a little rundown on our big two year old:

A few things to add:

She loves her Gigi (gingerbread girl) and sleeps with her every night.

Still sleeps with a paci, but seems a bit less attached to it as of late.

Will eat most everything, though topping her list are crackers, cheese, pretzels, yogurt, bananas, and ice cream (lots of dairy products the girl likes...she still has to be heavily encouraged to eat veggies...)

Some of her latest funs phrases to say are:  "Eli do it," "Come here, Norny," "Eli baby soup" (when she wants to wear a bathing suit), "drink Mommy's wata botta" (when she's asking to drink from my water bottle), and "hangnail" (because she has perpetual hangnails, hilarious, I know...)

Other than singing, dancing, and jumping, she doesn't have a favorite activity...mostly she jumps from one thing to the next.  Puzzles, playing with her baby dolls, reading her books, building a tower, watching Tutitu, holding Norny, pushing her stroller, etc.

She's full of energy and life.  And we love it.

Elise Noelle, we are SO thankful for you.  Seeing your personality develop is such a pleasure.  You make us smile, you make us laugh, (you've made us cry too ;) and you drive us to our knees daily.  You make us so proud. We're so excited to see how God uses you as you learn and grow.  We pray for you daily and are so so thankful God allowed us to be your parents.  You are most definitely a blessing to us, Ebees.  LOVE YOU to the moon and back.

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, big girl!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Last Hoorah To Summer, Part 2

...continuing on with a look back to where we were last week...

(in no particular order)

(that pic above may very well be one of my new favorites...)

Goobs.  Love 'em.
I know, I know, who wears prescription glasses on the beach, right?!  I got some kind of redness in my eye while we were there and decided to leave my contacts out for a few days.  So, yes, I was that non-sunglasses glasses-wearing chick :)
That last one there is also a favorite.  Doesn't she look like such a big girl?  I can't even stand the thought that next week she'll be TWO. 

And with that I guess I'll stop entertaining thoughts of summer and start enjoying all things fall.  While I do love sweaters, scarves, all things pumpkin, and the changing of leaves, I'm just not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.  Guess I don't have a choice, huh?  October is knocking on the door.

Until next year, summer...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Last Hoorah to Summer, Part 1

Last week we were sitting Croatian seaside soaking up the sunny rays with some dear friends...and I have to say, I couldn't have been more grateful for that week.

You see we are entering fall/winter here and that means cold.  Quite cold.

So I literally was sitting on the beach storing up the sound of the sea and basking in the sun in hopes that it would remain with me as long as possible...particularly through the upcoming cold days.

Sounds a little crazy, huh?

So call me crazy ;)

Instead of bombarding you with words, I'll just bombard you with pictures instead, mkay?  Pictures speak volumes after all...

(Keep it real moment:  This girl fell and busted her head the evening we left...thus the wound on her forehead (story for another time, scared Jas and I to death).  Also, this chick is an early riser, much like her mama, and insisted we eat Cheerios or yogurt as soon as she arose)
(Another keep it real moment:  The above shot was the best of probably eight shots.  But hey, I love 'em all nonetheless)
(Yet another keep it real moment:  As precious as these two are, they can both get quite loud.  Don't let their sweet faces fool you, one we nicknamed squealing cat and the other screaming banchee :)

As I type this it is ferociously windy outside and we are back in the grind of things.  While we have MUCH to be thankful for, I also realize that come January when the snow is barreling down, I'll be very glad to look back at these pictures and reminisce...oh and conjure up that sound of sea and feel of warm sun on my skin ;)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nora Rose: Five Months!

Oh man, oh man, our Nora turned five months old this past week.

And I really feel like she's growing by leaps and bounds.

See, told ya so.  More hair.  Longer.  No more infant status.  Straight up baby adorableness.

And she is rolling everywhere (never stays put on one side).

Talking (er, screeching) up a storm (we think she sounds JUST like a, seriously...thus the cat onesie).

We just moved her into the girls' shared room this month and so far it seems to be going just fine.  E sleeps like a champ and doesn't seem to be bothered by Nora's 1 am and 5 am hunger cries.  Thankful for that.

Her napping schedule is still not nailed down, but we're aiming for working on that in the next coming months (just because it makes life easier).  She still takes about two short naps in the am and then another nap in the afternoon.  

She's interested in toys more and more, but particularly likes grabbing faces and hair...mainly my long hair.  Ouch.  

Takes a paci very well, but spits it out once she's good and asleep.

Still no solid food, but I feel like that's coming soon too.

She's a joy, an absolute joy.  We love you, Norny, you model, you...

Monday, September 2, 2013

One of THOSE Evenings...

Oh man.  I'm BEAT.

It's been one of THOSE evenings.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...

You know the kind...where you prepare what you think is going to be a fun meal complete with smoothies and striped straws.

Then your toddler (who normally loves smoothies) thinks that said smoothie is for the birds and won't touch it.


Then as you're contemplating and talking out with your hubs a fun evening thing to do, it all gets derailed when a certain toddler bites a certain baby on the head.

Yep, the head.

One is wailing, the other must be disciplined, and any hope for family fun now seems to be hanging on by a thread.  But wait, it gets better.

All settles (mostly) down and I proceed to wash dinner dishes in an effort to ward off an impending bad attitude thanks to disobedience, then it happens.  I set one plate on the rack and down fall three others. Dinner plates shattered.

Family fun DONE.

(haha, it's funny now that I'm typing this out)

BUT WAIT, there's more.

I ask hubs to give the toddler a bath while I clean up my now quite destroyed kitchen.  I pull out some colored ice cubes thinking it will be fun for the toddler to play with in the bath and perhaps all won't be lost.


She doesn't find it fun tonight and instead just screams about it...which leads to the baby crying.  Again.

And then hubs leaves to go get new plates because we are down to two (and I think he just needed a breather :)

And slowly we all settle back down, read a story, nurse the baby, and finally, FINALLY, this evening is coming to a close.


But since I didn't take pics of bitten heads or shattered plates, why don't we look back at some pictures from my birthday when things were a little less...chaotic...shall we say...

Thankfully, at the end of the day, even the most CRAZY of days, I'm grateful to be doing life with those three.  Those most important three.

Unwanted smoothies, intense crying, and all :)
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