Monday, September 2, 2013

One of THOSE Evenings...

Oh man.  I'm BEAT.

It's been one of THOSE evenings.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...

You know the kind...where you prepare what you think is going to be a fun meal complete with smoothies and striped straws.

Then your toddler (who normally loves smoothies) thinks that said smoothie is for the birds and won't touch it.


Then as you're contemplating and talking out with your hubs a fun evening thing to do, it all gets derailed when a certain toddler bites a certain baby on the head.

Yep, the head.

One is wailing, the other must be disciplined, and any hope for family fun now seems to be hanging on by a thread.  But wait, it gets better.

All settles (mostly) down and I proceed to wash dinner dishes in an effort to ward off an impending bad attitude thanks to disobedience, then it happens.  I set one plate on the rack and down fall three others. Dinner plates shattered.

Family fun DONE.

(haha, it's funny now that I'm typing this out)

BUT WAIT, there's more.

I ask hubs to give the toddler a bath while I clean up my now quite destroyed kitchen.  I pull out some colored ice cubes thinking it will be fun for the toddler to play with in the bath and perhaps all won't be lost.


She doesn't find it fun tonight and instead just screams about it...which leads to the baby crying.  Again.

And then hubs leaves to go get new plates because we are down to two (and I think he just needed a breather :)

And slowly we all settle back down, read a story, nurse the baby, and finally, FINALLY, this evening is coming to a close.


But since I didn't take pics of bitten heads or shattered plates, why don't we look back at some pictures from my birthday when things were a little less...chaotic...shall we say...

Thankfully, at the end of the day, even the most CRAZY of days, I'm grateful to be doing life with those three.  Those most important three.

Unwanted smoothies, intense crying, and all :)


  1. Amen and Amen and Amen. We had quite a bit of crying over having to pick up legos (its the things they've done a million times and then choose to cry about them that get me annoyed the fastest) but by bedtime things were much calmer and watching baby sister make such an effort to kiss and hug her brothers as they were being tucked in was quite the improved finale. I would say it doesn't get easier with more, but it doesn't get harder either! :) Littles just are who they are and there's way more blessing in it than frustration. Congratulations warrior Mommy! You made it another day and can say "thank you" at the end...its a big deal!

  2. Aww Char!! That's a rough night. Somehow even your crazy day posts make me laugh and smile (which is what I hope I will be doing when we have a crazy night too). But for the record, I would have totally been down for smoothie night, AND colored ice cubes in my bath tub. Your loss, E ;) haha


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