Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nora's First Food! {Video}

Almost a week ago we gave Nora her first bite of real food!  We started with carrots this time around (E got sweet potato back when she began).  

If you've got a free four minutes (a luxury, believe me, I understand ;) check out the eating action. 

A few things to note:
1) I'm no good on camera. Period.
2) Elise turns down the carrots, then I do, but for poor Nora the show must go on!
3) If you hang on 'til towards the end you can see E try to choke N with the spoon.  Good parenting right there, folks ;)
4) Pardon the shakiness, someone (ahem, Daddy boy, ahem) isn't the world's steadiest hand (but I'm not sure I would've done any better!)

Let the viewing begin!

Since this video was taken I'm happy to report that she now keeps the carrots down and seems to like them more (at least more than before ha!).  Up next, I think we'll try banana!


  1. HAHA! Love that N actually gags at one point... although I can't say I blame her. And are you suuuure you didn't want a bite too mom? I'm sure Nora would share ;)

  2. You guys crack me up! I didn't hear DaDdY offer to shoe Nora how yummy the carrots were! ;)

  3. I had a spare 5 min to fill before I get my kiddos from school. That video was definitely a good filler. Haha! That is too cute and funny!!!

  4. That was hilarious! Nora's is doing everything within her power to tell y'all she does not want to eat those carrots!! I bet she'll feel differently about bananas since they are sweet. I mixed all of Evan's veggies with bananas for the first many months. Related side note, have I ever shared the statistic that it takes average 12 tries of a new food to determine if you actually like or dislike it.


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