Monday, September 30, 2013

My Very Favorite Onesie

I have a very favorite onesie that someone gave us when Elise was born.

It's cute, colorful, and fits oh so well (and I think it's from Baby Gap).

I wish they made one in my size :)

But since they don't I choose to take pics of our girls in it...

(Nora recently has been obsessed with blowing and spitting from her mouth...cracks me up)

And what? don't wear pearls with your onesies?  It's all the rage these days :)

Since Nora is closing in on six months, I also remembered taking some pics of Elise in this onesie when she was just a few weeks older.  How about a throwback?

Love those girls...and that onesie!


  1. love that colorful onesie! and the comparison of them in it! sweet girls...

  2. I see more similarities in them now! Nora has the prettiest little red lips! PS- I think it's called 'footed pajamas' but I guess technically it is one piece, so onesie works too. ;-)

    1. Hahaha, Steph, I think you're right. Oh well, we'll just roll with it ;)

  3. Can tell you love that onesie--note its color change from Elise to Nora--too sweet.


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