Wednesday, February 27, 2013

34 Weeks!

This is getting real...whoa.  We're getting closer and closer to having a second daughter...and that is both super exciting and a bit scary (we're going to be parents to a toddler AND a baby at the SAME TIME)!

Here's a look at how the belly is shaping up...

I'm feeling fairly well during the days.  Overall, just tired and by the end of the day my back is quite achy.  I'm also not sleeping well (can't get comfortable and making frequent trips to the little girl's room :) but I think that's all part of it come this point in pregnancy.  I'm thankful I have what energy I do have, particularly with a cute little 17 month old running around.  I am taking iron tablets, so hopefully those levels will be rising and all will be good on that end.

Today at the doctor, Nora seemed to be on track for 34 weeks (or thereabouts) and was head down (so thankful for that).  However, we'll see if little lady is going to follow after Elise and come "late" (who really knows what that means's not like she has consistently good due date, ha!)...or perhaps she'll come towards the beginning of April like is (sort of) expected.  We shall see!  We're just continually praying for her little life...ready to meet her :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

{Series}: Grumpy Gills

Normally post-nap she wakes up happy and calm...but not this nap ;)  To her credit, however, it's likely because I sort of (ok, I did) went in her room and started stirring about because it was closing in on supper time and I knew she wouldn't go down as easily for bedtime if she didn't wake soon (though I'm not normally a fan of waking the sleeping baby).  Thus the unhappiness and tears...

And as we got out of bed and started playing she started to warm up again...slowly...

Ya know, just keepin' it real over here ;)

And then how about our look out the window...kind of a random shot, but the sun was going down and it was a pretty view...

Hope your nap today was tear-free! (if you got one in that is :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Some General Randomness

Over the last couple of weeks I have randomly snapped some camera shots that I just downloaded today (I'm seriously slacking in the photography department these days...I'm going to just go ahead and say it's because third trimester is bringing with it a general lack of energy...lame, I know...need to get on it!)

Her current favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and she'll bring it to both Jas and I at random times and say "BOOM BOOM," which means "read this please."  This time it was dad reading it to E, shirtless and all (that's how we roll on the 7th floor where the heat is all-year-round intense :)

We've also been adventuring, slowly, into the world of art products (washable, I might add).  My art-loving heart is eating it up, but we're trying to be intentional in teaching her that "on the paper" is a must...I mean the white walls around here could use a little color, but somehow I doubt that toddler doodles is what the landlord has in mind :)

And lastly...

We had to take some new pictures for our visas and this little one was QUITE the hamlett.  She made some of the cutest faces.  I mean really, doesn't that one in the bottom left corner just make you smile?  Love her.

So there ya have it...a little bit of Palmer randomness on this Friday :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

32 weeks!

Whew, we've been busy the last week or so and thus blogging hasn't happened as planned, but here's the rundown on the baby bump :)

It's just flying by this time around.  We're 32 weeks now and more and more ready everyday to meet our Nora.

Here's the latest belly shot...(still need to take a formal 32 week shot, but we got to spend some time with our friends the Mcclure's this week and so we nabbed a shot of our two preggo bellies :)

At the doc the other day Nora was head down, which is a praise!  We're just hoping and praying she decides to stay that way in the coming weeks.  She's measuring pretty right on track now, which is good, because the two week discrepancy seems to be narrowing.  Hopefully this means she'll come towards the beginning of April.  Supposedly I'm a bit anemic and need more iron in my blood because my count was quite I may need to take some iron supplements...but we'll see.

I''m still feeling pretty well, but I am more often tired and I do now have regular backaches.  Sleeping isn't so easy at night and I'm still constantly hungry...haha!  I've already gained more this time than I did overall with Elise.  Let's just hope it doesn't decide to hang on.  

And I think that's pretty much it, just ready (and constantly prayerful) for the day we get to meet our girl!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Girl...

I went to grab my real camera the other day to capture this chick eating yogurt all by herself, and lo and behold, the battery was dead...BUMMER.  But it's ok because this phone pic is one of my (current) all time favorites of the little...

This perfectly sums her up right now.  Toddler independence.  She's not down with letting anyone feed her at the moment...she's all about giving it a go herself, thus the mess.  That look...that look of "what, ma? this is totally how you do it and why are you taking my picture while I'm getting my grub on?!" And that's a rare moment when she leaves her hair tie in, so the fact that it is actually still in is amazing, even if it is almost halfway out ;)

I know I'm mentioned it here before, but she's teaching me so much.  So much about patience (toddlers are a unique form of human ;)  About learning to be a mama.  About trusting the Lord.  About realizing how imperfect I am as her mama.  About how we are created sinners.  And I love her.  Like whoa.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Most Recent Obsession

...comes in the form of tape.

Yep, washi tape (originates from Japan, but there are many types on the market now...).  I have a thing for it.  I've always loved craft and school supplies, etc., so it just seemed natural that I would fall in love with all tapes that are colorful, bright and fun.

I just realized I was blogging about tape...haha.  Continue reading, if you so wish ;)

Anyway, I really love all these projects inspired by washi tape that you see around the 'net.  You can put it on almost anything to add some pizzaz, and I do love spicing things up...particularly around our all-white flat.

Here are a few projects that I've washi-fied lately (phone pics)...

For instance, my kitchen inspiration wall with lots of washi going on.

I added some polka dotted tape to this frame (which I plan to add a new family photo to once Nora arrives) was already cute without it, but the tape just took it up a notch :)

And I added some tape to the artwork I was putting together for the girls' room...more color because you know you can never have enough! :)

Finally here are a few more from around the 'net that I admire and am keeping in mind...

Washi spoons and forks...would be great for party decor.

This tape bunting could be used on/for so many things!

Washi-decorated candles.  I love this idea.

I would love to do this washi keyboard, but don't know if I'm brave enough...then again...

This washi covered notebook...I definitely foresee me doing this in the future.

Then there's this amazingly colorful and fun wall.  I'm in love with it.  Maybe I need to do this on one of the walls in the girls' room...we'll see!

So what do you think about this stuff?  Too trendy? Way fun? Do you have any fun projects inspired by washi tape?

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