Wednesday, February 27, 2013

34 Weeks!

This is getting real...whoa.  We're getting closer and closer to having a second daughter...and that is both super exciting and a bit scary (we're going to be parents to a toddler AND a baby at the SAME TIME)!

Here's a look at how the belly is shaping up...

I'm feeling fairly well during the days.  Overall, just tired and by the end of the day my back is quite achy.  I'm also not sleeping well (can't get comfortable and making frequent trips to the little girl's room :) but I think that's all part of it come this point in pregnancy.  I'm thankful I have what energy I do have, particularly with a cute little 17 month old running around.  I am taking iron tablets, so hopefully those levels will be rising and all will be good on that end.

Today at the doctor, Nora seemed to be on track for 34 weeks (or thereabouts) and was head down (so thankful for that).  However, we'll see if little lady is going to follow after Elise and come "late" (who really knows what that means's not like she has consistently good due date, ha!)...or perhaps she'll come towards the beginning of April like is (sort of) expected.  We shall see!  We're just continually praying for her little life...ready to meet her :)


  1. You are so stinkin cute! Can't wait to meet that sweet little girl too :)

  2. Not much longer!!!!! You look lovely and your hair is growing so fast (thanks to the pregnancy hormones)!


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