Monday, February 4, 2013

My Most Recent Obsession

...comes in the form of tape.

Yep, washi tape (originates from Japan, but there are many types on the market now...).  I have a thing for it.  I've always loved craft and school supplies, etc., so it just seemed natural that I would fall in love with all tapes that are colorful, bright and fun.

I just realized I was blogging about tape...haha.  Continue reading, if you so wish ;)

Anyway, I really love all these projects inspired by washi tape that you see around the 'net.  You can put it on almost anything to add some pizzaz, and I do love spicing things up...particularly around our all-white flat.

Here are a few projects that I've washi-fied lately (phone pics)...

For instance, my kitchen inspiration wall with lots of washi going on.

I added some polka dotted tape to this frame (which I plan to add a new family photo to once Nora arrives) was already cute without it, but the tape just took it up a notch :)

And I added some tape to the artwork I was putting together for the girls' room...more color because you know you can never have enough! :)

Finally here are a few more from around the 'net that I admire and am keeping in mind...

Washi spoons and forks...would be great for party decor.

This tape bunting could be used on/for so many things!

Washi-decorated candles.  I love this idea.

I would love to do this washi keyboard, but don't know if I'm brave enough...then again...

This washi covered notebook...I definitely foresee me doing this in the future.

Then there's this amazingly colorful and fun wall.  I'm in love with it.  Maybe I need to do this on one of the walls in the girls' room...we'll see!

So what do you think about this stuff?  Too trendy? Way fun? Do you have any fun projects inspired by washi tape?


  1. I've never heard of washi tape but it looks pretty neat, and I see why you'd like it. :)

  2. How cool! It's like ribbon that you don't have to glue on. Where did you find it? I would love to do the keyboard idea - Too bad me and Kevin share the computer ;)


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