Thursday, February 21, 2013

{Series}: Grumpy Gills

Normally post-nap she wakes up happy and calm...but not this nap ;)  To her credit, however, it's likely because I sort of (ok, I did) went in her room and started stirring about because it was closing in on supper time and I knew she wouldn't go down as easily for bedtime if she didn't wake soon (though I'm not normally a fan of waking the sleeping baby).  Thus the unhappiness and tears...

And as we got out of bed and started playing she started to warm up again...slowly...

Ya know, just keepin' it real over here ;)

And then how about our look out the window...kind of a random shot, but the sun was going down and it was a pretty view...

Hope your nap today was tear-free! (if you got one in that is :)


  1. Man, sweaty naps are the best. You know you're working hard at it when you wake up lookin' like that. Cute post :)

  2. Well we have many of those... :-/ Looks like she was even more upset that you were taking a picture of her upset, haha, and can't blame her for that either! You'll look back on these pics and be thankful you captured that emotion for memory's sake.

  3. I know she's not happy but these may be some of my favorite pics of Elise! Haha, well at least of what comes to mind right now. How adorable. Makes me wanna scoop her right up! That last picture of her on the floor reminds me of the little girl Ava I used to watch in Wake Forest.

  4. That was from Erin, by the way. While I'm here, I take it most recent favorites are those you took of her a few posts back where she has the pink/white striped shirt on and is making all the funny faces. :)


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