Friday, January 31, 2014

Post Nap Light

My goal is to pick up my real camera at least once a day.

My second goal was to fiddle with the exposure compensation button.

Today it happened right after nap time when the lighting was at its "best" (for a snow-covered, cloudy day in Bratislava coming in through the window).

Out of all the shots I got, only two I felt were keepable.

But I like these two :) (and the two kiddos too!)
 Jumping fun was being had, thus they were both VERY hard to capture (reoccurring theme:  my main subjects tend to move…a lot).
We'll call that one above a study of the eye.

So, so much to learn…but I feel like I'm falling in love with photography more daily.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wistful Watching

It was a snowy day today.  And while our flat doesn't boast of much natural light, there is a good row of windows/doors that allows for some light at the right time (as well as some in the girls' room).

So as the snow was falling today, we took advantage of that light. 

(I've been trying to shoot in manual most of this year so this was today's exercise...)
(the first time she peeled a mandarin all by herself…"Mama, let me do it")
A good snow day indeed.  And some good light.  I like it :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Going on Two and a Half...

In two quick months our big girl will be two and a half.  And while that may not technically be a big milestone or anything of the like, I want to jot down some quick notes about her so that we don't forget this stage in her little life.

She's a mess, that Elise.  An absolutely adorable mess.

Who also has the ability to throw down a toddler tantrum with the best of them ;)
Random things I want to remember about this little lady of ours at the ripe age of two years and four months…

~ She wore almost the same outfit for a week straight recently (ballet leotard, a soft tee, tights, ballet shoes, and her tutu).  Girl was insistent upon wearing it.  She even wore it to church.

~ When it's foggy or cloud outside, she calls it "foggy doggy."  In context:  "I can't see the castle.  It's foggy doggy."  We have no idea where she got this, but we're big fans of it.  Haha.  I think I'll be saying it even after she outgrows it!

~ Sings A LOT and usually not in her inside voice (though show me a toddler who knows what their inside voice is and I'll be quite in awe :)
~ Has gotten into books more recently and they seem to hold her attention longer, though this girl is a major art project fan.

~ Really likes building with her Legos and this seems to be the one activity that holds her attention the longest of all.  She also really likes building towers with foam blocks.

~ Likes making her sister laugh.

~ Is going through phases of:  1) shyness, 2) wanting to do almost everything by herself (yet at the same time wanting to be held like a baby, fed like a baby, etc…probably in large part because she sees us doing that with Nora).

~ Likes telling us when the stoplights are changing colors from red to green.

~ Eats almost anything we put in front of her.
~ She gets a little mixed up and instead of calling zucchini, zucchini, or something similar, she calls it kiwi.  I love it!

~ Her current favorite three songs:  Old McDonald, BINGO, and Jesus Loves Me.

~ Randomly busts out Slovak words in the right context. 

~ Loves watching:  Strawberry Shortcake, Mother Goose Club, and Veggie Tales.

~ Always wants to read her Bible at the table while eating her Cheerios in the morning. Adorbs.
Of course she has her moments of toddler drama and defiance, but gee, this little girl is a light and a joy.  We're thankful to call her "ours." Mwah, Eebs, mwah.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Nor Nor

Oh our sweet Nor Nor.

She, just like Elise did, is currently going through a major separation anxiety phase (which is resulting in some major anti-sleep behavior as well).  

In attempting to be transparent, this is always a hard phase for my mama heart.  It can be frustrating and tiring, too, if we're being honest.  

So in an attempt to spend some quality time with the little lady, we got out the camera post-nap (or sort of nap, rather).

A goal I have for this year is to grow photographically (is that a word?!).  In other words, I want to be more intentional about getting behind the camera.  I also want to learn more about shooting in general, composition, lighting, shooting manual, and editing.  I've been recommended already one or two online classes, but if anyone else out there has a good suggestion, I'd be happy to hear it!
 (Her face is out of focus here, but I just couldn't pass on that adorable expression…)
Sweet Nor, it's gonna be alright.  Alright, alright (breath in, breath out, mama and baby…)

(Sidenote:  I did shoot these in manual…but obviously I have a long way to go…)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Morning Sunrise Viewing

We've had some pretty uncharacteristically beautiful days here lately.  Definitely NOT your typical Bratislava January weather.

But let me make it clear…I am not complaining.  We've had some truly gorgeous days.

And those gorgeous days have been starting with some sunrise masterpieces as of late.

E decided to take it all in one morning from her room and I was smitten by the light.

 Above:  explaining the sunset to me (we're still working on the difference between sunset and sunrise ;)
I was sitting right beside her taking it all in as well…I mean, come on!?  Just lovely.

And, of course, little sis was nearby…and we're sure glad she was.  Look at this cuteness…
One last note, I don't want to forget how funny it is to me that one daughter dresses in summer clothes to go to bed (she's quite hot natured, that one) while the other one wakes up with freezing cold hands (even though she's dressed in warm pajamas).  Gotta love that pair :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Nora Rose: Nine Months!

Oh, Nora, Nora…

Sweet girl turns nine months old today.
I'd like to say we've got her all figured out, but with us coming off of another legit sickness just last week, her schedule has once again been thrown for a loop.

What we know right now…

Getting a photo of this one is nearly impossible!

She weighs between 16 and 17 pounds (though she did loose a little weight in the midst of all the sickness :( boooo)

She does not currently like sleeping during the day, eating solids (which is strange…she was doing pretty great), or nursing for very long.  These things have been pretty challenging as of late.

She does love being held.

She's started to really light up with, and give out major smiles to, her Daddy Boy.

Speaking of Daddy, she's got the "dada dada" sound down!  She can also say "bbbb" and "nnnnn."  Still no "mama" to be heard yet!

She's a cruiser, this one, and is pulling up and gliding around everything.  Watch out, world, she'll be walking soon, we suspect!
We love you, Norny Nor, you little two-teethed thing, you!
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