Monday, January 27, 2014

Going on Two and a Half...

In two quick months our big girl will be two and a half.  And while that may not technically be a big milestone or anything of the like, I want to jot down some quick notes about her so that we don't forget this stage in her little life.

She's a mess, that Elise.  An absolutely adorable mess.

Who also has the ability to throw down a toddler tantrum with the best of them ;)
Random things I want to remember about this little lady of ours at the ripe age of two years and four months…

~ She wore almost the same outfit for a week straight recently (ballet leotard, a soft tee, tights, ballet shoes, and her tutu).  Girl was insistent upon wearing it.  She even wore it to church.

~ When it's foggy or cloud outside, she calls it "foggy doggy."  In context:  "I can't see the castle.  It's foggy doggy."  We have no idea where she got this, but we're big fans of it.  Haha.  I think I'll be saying it even after she outgrows it!

~ Sings A LOT and usually not in her inside voice (though show me a toddler who knows what their inside voice is and I'll be quite in awe :)
~ Has gotten into books more recently and they seem to hold her attention longer, though this girl is a major art project fan.

~ Really likes building with her Legos and this seems to be the one activity that holds her attention the longest of all.  She also really likes building towers with foam blocks.

~ Likes making her sister laugh.

~ Is going through phases of:  1) shyness, 2) wanting to do almost everything by herself (yet at the same time wanting to be held like a baby, fed like a baby, etc…probably in large part because she sees us doing that with Nora).

~ Likes telling us when the stoplights are changing colors from red to green.

~ Eats almost anything we put in front of her.
~ She gets a little mixed up and instead of calling zucchini, zucchini, or something similar, she calls it kiwi.  I love it!

~ Her current favorite three songs:  Old McDonald, BINGO, and Jesus Loves Me.

~ Randomly busts out Slovak words in the right context. 

~ Loves watching:  Strawberry Shortcake, Mother Goose Club, and Veggie Tales.

~ Always wants to read her Bible at the table while eating her Cheerios in the morning. Adorbs.
Of course she has her moments of toddler drama and defiance, but gee, this little girl is a light and a joy.  We're thankful to call her "ours." Mwah, Eebs, mwah.


  1. Oh my goodness, I think she looks about 4 in that last picture! She is getting so big. Love all her little E-isms. You'll be so glad you wrote them down :)

  2. Girl is into art? Hmm wonder where that came from. ;) Foggy doggy haha. I like that. I too like to read my Bible and eat Cheerios at the same time. We'll be great pals I'm sure. Video request: please catch her singing around the house in her outside voice please. :)

  3. Tying not to uncontrollably lol over her adorable expression... Can't see the castle. It's foggy doggy......hahahaha made my night :-)


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