Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Nor Nor

Oh our sweet Nor Nor.

She, just like Elise did, is currently going through a major separation anxiety phase (which is resulting in some major anti-sleep behavior as well).  

In attempting to be transparent, this is always a hard phase for my mama heart.  It can be frustrating and tiring, too, if we're being honest.  

So in an attempt to spend some quality time with the little lady, we got out the camera post-nap (or sort of nap, rather).

A goal I have for this year is to grow photographically (is that a word?!).  In other words, I want to be more intentional about getting behind the camera.  I also want to learn more about shooting in general, composition, lighting, shooting manual, and editing.  I've been recommended already one or two online classes, but if anyone else out there has a good suggestion, I'd be happy to hear it!
 (Her face is out of focus here, but I just couldn't pass on that adorable expression…)
Sweet Nor, it's gonna be alright.  Alright, alright (breath in, breath out, mama and baby…)

(Sidenote:  I did shoot these in manual…but obviously I have a long way to go…)


  1. What online classes were recommended to you? You know I took Snapshots of a Good Life. I'm pretty sure you know about that one though.

  2. Hope this phase passes quickly. These pictures are great, especially in manual. I wish I could learn more about our camera but I don't know when I would ever time and lately Evan hates his picture to be taken (partly bc he wants to be the one taking pics instead).


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