Friday, January 10, 2014

Nora Rose: Nine Months!

Oh, Nora, Nora…

Sweet girl turns nine months old today.
I'd like to say we've got her all figured out, but with us coming off of another legit sickness just last week, her schedule has once again been thrown for a loop.

What we know right now…

Getting a photo of this one is nearly impossible!

She weighs between 16 and 17 pounds (though she did loose a little weight in the midst of all the sickness :( boooo)

She does not currently like sleeping during the day, eating solids (which is strange…she was doing pretty great), or nursing for very long.  These things have been pretty challenging as of late.

She does love being held.

She's started to really light up with, and give out major smiles to, her Daddy Boy.

Speaking of Daddy, she's got the "dada dada" sound down!  She can also say "bbbb" and "nnnnn."  Still no "mama" to be heard yet!

She's a cruiser, this one, and is pulling up and gliding around everything.  Watch out, world, she'll be walking soon, we suspect!
We love you, Norny Nor, you little two-teethed thing, you!


  1. Aw sweet picture of her holding Elise's arm! She looks more big-girl-ish in her month photo…maybe it's the jeans, or maybe it's that she is indeed a month older. Hate that she was sick! Hope she gets to feeling 100% and back into routine and eating solids like she was.

  2. She definitely got the Palmer eyes too! The pic of her and E reminds me of my and my sis at that age bc I had a ton of hair and she had none till 2...but maybe Noras will quick in sooner :-). Get WELL WELL little miss!


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