Monday, March 31, 2014

Nora's One Year Photos: Playground

Just the other day we went down to the big grassy area and playground outside our apartment building and took some sweet pics of our Nora for her one year photo shoot.  Can't even believe we're already facing a year with this girl!

Those photos are forthcoming ;)

However, post-shoot we did spend some time on the slide and swings.  These girls have been LOVING this weather...and so have their Mama and Dada.
I love all these photos and the girls in them.  But there is a special place in my heart for that last photo with my big girl.  We've been having some two year old moments lately and having to push discipline and consistency, so it warms my heart to have a snuggle photo with my E, even if it was a quick one ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sister Series: PINK!

We just recently pulled our pink tent back out and the girls have been having loads of fun playing.

Then, yesterday, I dressed the girls for church and realized that they were matching! (go figure... ;) It was unintentional, actually, but I had to capture it.  The tent made the perfect background.
Keeping a bow on Nor is nearly impossible these days (she will NOT leave it on), so I had to grab a shot while I could.  And then let's talk about the no smiling she's got going on in these pics...poor chick has FOUR teeth coming in at the same time.  To say she's been kinda cranky would be an understatement.  Poor Nor Nor!
Love that little model pose there :)  And I have to say, I'll be sad when these girls outgrow that heart, well, dress.  E wore it as a dress and now as a shirt.  Next it'll be passed down to Nora.  Goodness, I think that outfit will have to be a part of our future "favorite outfits" quilt to be made!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art, Art, It's Good for Your Heart

That's the motto we try to follow around here :)

Almost every day Elise and I do some kind of art...or at least try to paint.  The girl loves her some art, which of course makes me happy.  We'll see how long her art-lovin' lasts...perhaps only a few years, perhaps a lifetime?  Time will tell!

Either way, every other week I lead an art project for toddlers (and their mamas) and Elise gets to be my guinea pig.  That means we're trying new art projects fairly often.  It's a fun time.

Here she is showing off our latest project.  She was pretty proud of her flowers and after we finished the ones below she immediately wanted to do more.  Love it.
Little sis was asleep during this time, but if she's awake she generally wants in on the action, too (mainly just wanting me to hold her so she can see what's going on :)  I'm excited to see what interests these girls develop, be it art or science, sports or music.  It's a blessing to watch them grow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Girl and Her Legos

This girl is currently obsessed with Legos.  She can be found at random times during the day building tower after tower.

I'm not going to lie...both Jas and I like building towers with her.  Ha!  Kids at heart.
She was very proud of this tower.  Photo credit goes to Jas for snapping this one so we could have a good visual memory of our girl at this stage.  Keep at it, little, love your creativity!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Nora Rose: Eleven Months!

It's nearly unfathomable for me that our N will be a year old next month.  That means that today she is officially eleven months old.  And so it goes, right!?  How swiftly time flies...
Here are some little Nora nuggets from this month...

~ Still nursing once a day (early morning), but eats generally most of what we put in front of her.  She is however going through a veggie-boycotting stage.  Perhaps she has a sweet tooth like her Mama?!

~ I still don't feel like she weighs all that very much...but won't know more until we go back at the end of the month.  Either way, she eats well!
~ Jas has been making planes with legos (and we also have a wooden plane) and he makes an airplane noise while flying it through the air with his hands (does that make sense? haha).  Just a few days ago Nora started mimicking the hand motions and tries to make the same airplane sound that Jas does.  It's. SO. cute.  (and I need to get it on video).

~ Takes two naps a day still.  One morning one and one afternoon one (same time E takes her afternoon nap...thank goodness).
~ Quite attached to Mama these days.  Perhaps it's because her upper two teeth are coming in?  Or maybe not...but other than it being challenging to get things done, I kinda love it.

~ Walks everywhere!  She's amazed us in this.  Of course she falls down (and gets bruise after bruise ;) but she's our little get-up-and-go chick! 

~ She also likes to dance when her big sis dances.  Usually she just sticks one arm out and turns in a circle.  Presh.
~ Currently we're in a major stage of making messes.  Generally food is all over the floor when she eats, and all over her chair, and all over her!  She also likes to take toys, clothes, diapers, whatever, from one room to the next.  It's not unusual to find toilet paper (unused of course, lol!) in the living room with this girl around!

~ HATES being contained presently.  That includes car seat, high chair, and having her clothes changed.  Quite the daily struggle, ha.

~ She lets me snuggle her each time before I lay her down for her naps and bedtime.  I love it.
(These may be some of my favorites photos I've ever taken of Nora and then of both of the girls together.  The lighting this morning was AMAZING and though I took about a gazillion shots, I'm sure glad I got these gems :)

Nora Rose, you have such a sweet spirit.  You truly bring joy to us daily.  We love the mess outta you, little.  To the moon and back.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Playing with Black & White

Finally having a chance to get pictures uploaded and onto the computer.  Soooo, I'm just playing with a little black and white today.

Love these two little faces.

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