Monday, March 24, 2014

Sister Series: PINK!

We just recently pulled our pink tent back out and the girls have been having loads of fun playing.

Then, yesterday, I dressed the girls for church and realized that they were matching! (go figure... ;) It was unintentional, actually, but I had to capture it.  The tent made the perfect background.
Keeping a bow on Nor is nearly impossible these days (she will NOT leave it on), so I had to grab a shot while I could.  And then let's talk about the no smiling she's got going on in these pics...poor chick has FOUR teeth coming in at the same time.  To say she's been kinda cranky would be an understatement.  Poor Nor Nor!
Love that little model pose there :)  And I have to say, I'll be sad when these girls outgrow that heart, well, dress.  E wore it as a dress and now as a shirt.  Next it'll be passed down to Nora.  Goodness, I think that outfit will have to be a part of our future "favorite outfits" quilt to be made!

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  1. sweet sisters! love all the color in these pictures!


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