Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Girl...

I went to grab my real camera the other day to capture this chick eating yogurt all by herself, and lo and behold, the battery was dead...BUMMER.  But it's ok because this phone pic is one of my (current) all time favorites of the little...

This perfectly sums her up right now.  Toddler independence.  She's not down with letting anyone feed her at the moment...she's all about giving it a go herself, thus the mess.  That look...that look of "what, ma? this is totally how you do it and why are you taking my picture while I'm getting my grub on?!" And that's a rare moment when she leaves her hair tie in, so the fact that it is actually still in is amazing, even if it is almost halfway out ;)

I know I'm mentioned it here before, but she's teaching me so much.  So much about patience (toddlers are a unique form of human ;)  About learning to be a mama.  About trusting the Lord.  About realizing how imperfect I am as her mama.  About how we are created sinners.  And I love her.  Like whoa.


  1. "Toddlers are a unique form of human." Haha! Good thoughts there at the end.


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