Friday, March 1, 2013

Some New Living Room Art

If you follow me on Instagram (palmerponderings), you may have seen a few pics of a painting I've been working on...and now I can say it's finally finished!  I've been working on it for some time now (in the evenings after E goes to sleep, random days when I had more energy/time, etc.) and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

We had a painting I had previously done hanging above our couch.  I liked that painting alright, but it just wasn't what I wanted there longer term.  As in, it was ok, but not my favorite.  Then I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs which led me to this tutorial and I was inspired.  And so it began...

I followed the tutorial pretty strictly with the gridding, but after some intense challenges thanks to an already used and slightly warped canvas (yes, I'm cheap-o and painted over the old painting), Jas had to step in and help my mathematically challenged self.  Even now, however, it's still not perfect, but really really hard to tell unless you were to look up close.  I ended up being ok with that.

After completing the grid I took my original cup (read the tutorial for more specifics, she explains it pretty well) and filled in the "petals."  Then I went to town randomly painting all the fun colors.  I stuck to a color scheme mostly that I thought would go well with our living room.  Once the petals were finished and it had dried I took some washi tape and went around the edges (this was my alternative to painting the edges for a finished look).  I love the washi tape on the sides.

One other note, she left some of her petals unpainted in the tutorial (because it more closely resembles the painting in which she herself was inspired by), but I preferred them all painted, so I just went for it.

And with that, it got hung on the wall :)

It looks a bit crooked in the pics above (and we have horrible lighting for picture-taking), but in real life it's not.  And while it's certainly not perfect, I think it makes our red slumpy couch (ha!) look better.  Not to mention I am a fan of it over the previous painting, for sure.  So, all in all, I'd give this project two thumbs up!

Any one else out there working on a painting or an inspired project?! :)

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  1. I really, really, really dig the new art! BRAVO! Great job on all the stenciling and math too -- I know that's time consuming and can be a big headache, but necessary for a good final product. So, now I kind of want one myself...


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