Thursday, March 21, 2013

Series: Post {Nap} Cuteness

On Thursday's E doesn't get her normal two naps (I'm still surprised she will take two...holding on to them!).  We attend a mom's group every Thursday morning and we don't get home until sometime close to lunch.  Usually we eat lunch and then shortly after I put her down for one good nap.  She typically sleeps on these days until well in to the afternoon.

Today she woke up and her little shaggy-headed, post-nap self screamed "photograph me, ma!" So I did.  Really, can you blame me? ;)

(little crumb face)

Sweet memories of my animal cracker-eating, tower-building, tiny napper :)


  1. That is the prettiest baby on the face of this earth.

  2. She said "photograph me!" ?!?! That's hilarious!! She is a sweet little goober! Slovakia's next top model, right ;-)


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