Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting Our Sled On...

As you may know, Slovakia in the winter is pretty typically filled with snow.  Particularly this year, well, in my opinion, at least.  We've had quite a few big snows.

Which means that during the last big snow Daddy ran out and bought Elise a sled.  This was her first time sledding and she seemed to like it.

But instead of talking (er, writing...) about it more, I'll just let these three little videos speak for themselves :)

And this last one makes me giggle...ha!  We did eventually figure out that she needed to be sitting forward on the sled and then she would go better through the snow (apparently we were a little slow...)

Ah, snow.  E loves you, but mama is ready for some sun.  Seriously, ready.  Bring it on, sunshine, let me see what you got!


  1. Adorable!!!!! I miss you, Elise!! It is even cold in FL, but no snow.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That's too funny...and cute!!!

  3. Aww! What fun! E is so cute in her little snow suit. I love that you fit all 3 of you on that tiny sled ;-)

  4. Looks like pregnant mommy could have done well with a push in that first one! Good to hear your laugh on video Char :)

  5. i want me some snow!!! Elise is so cute falling off the sled and looking as if nothing happened :D

  6. Bahahaha those made me smile out loud!


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