Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Almost} Eighteen Months

Not sure where the past year and a half went, but wow, it went.  We're closely approaching 18 months with Elise and I just want to post some of the things I don't want to forget about her at this age.

(In no particular order)...

*On most days the girl seems fearless.  She'll typically go to people easily, try new things, etc.

*She is a great eater!  Nine times out of ten she'll eat what's put in front of her, occasionally she'll have moments of resistance, but overall she eats well.  She's also learning to use a spoon and a fork like a champ, but the bib is an essential for clothes-protection :)

*She knows where to go potty and how to go about it.  She doesn't love her diaper these days, but still isn't quite sure when she's going pee-pee or poo-poo.  I get the feeling she's close to being ready to potty train, but with major transition coming (aka little sister), I think we'll wait another couple months and then give it a go.  

*Like in the pic above, she'll hardly sit still long enough for a photo!  This was the only one I got at an attempted photo shoot with her (and note, there's no smile ;)

*She still loves Alex (her monkey) and needs to have him for nap along with Gigi the gingerbread girl.  They're her two fav's.

*Big Blue or Big Clear (her paci's) are also nap time/bedtime staples.  I really don't think she needs them, but again, with transition around the corner we'll wait a couple months before saying bye to them.

*While we're still learning our colors, she knows many animal sounds and repeats a ton of what we say...her vocab is quite expansive (at least in my opinion ;)  She's also learned around three of four Slovak words/phrases that she uses regularly...too cute.  A few of my Elise-vocab favorites are "puh bak" (when she wants to put something back), "peeesss" (please), "bubee" (blueberry), "ov eww" (love you), and "gapes" (grapes).  Love me some baby language.

*She sleeps 7:30/8 at night until 6:30ish in the morning.  She's still clocking two naps a day, but they're anywhere between one hour and an hour and a half.  I keep wondering if she's going to give one of those naps up soon, but so far she's sleeping well for them, so we'll keep at it until she lets us know otherwise :)

*She LOVES to dance.  And the girl can straight move.  Music is a big thing for her and currently her favorite song is Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen."  Perhaps we have a musician or dancer in the making?  We shall see!

*She'll mostly keep a hair tie or clip in these days and her hair is getting long (you can especially tell when it's wet...)

*She's quite ticklish but her favorite time to be tickled is by far under the "ave" or cave that we make out of blankets or the bedspread.

*Finally, we try to limit her screen time (I think she could be easily addicted...just sayin'), but we do let her watch some YouTube videos.  Her current favorites include anything about trains, colors, dogs, and ones that have good music.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it's good for my mama heart to jot these down for future remembrance (even if it's just for me :)  Really, we're just thankful for this chick and the added adventure, love, challenge, and fun she brings to our lives.


  1. Her hair is getting long! And lightening up! Cute as can be, Elise... and I still love your teddy bear jacket :) It makes me want to come over there and squeeze you!! I am impressed at how close she does seem to being potty trained, but that should be helpful down the road. Growing up so, so fast :)

  2. Hard to believe she's 18 months now. She does look so much more grown up with her hair growing longer! I'm interested to know/hear what she can say in Slovak. It's neat that she's pretty fearless. We're praying something along those lines for our boy...that he'll be open to people and go to them easily. Give her some lovin' from me!


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