Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Last Hoorah to Summer, Part 1

Last week we were sitting Croatian seaside soaking up the sunny rays with some dear friends...and I have to say, I couldn't have been more grateful for that week.

You see we are entering fall/winter here and that means cold.  Quite cold.

So I literally was sitting on the beach storing up the sound of the sea and basking in the sun in hopes that it would remain with me as long as possible...particularly through the upcoming cold days.

Sounds a little crazy, huh?

So call me crazy ;)

Instead of bombarding you with words, I'll just bombard you with pictures instead, mkay?  Pictures speak volumes after all...

(Keep it real moment:  This girl fell and busted her head the evening we left...thus the wound on her forehead (story for another time, scared Jas and I to death).  Also, this chick is an early riser, much like her mama, and insisted we eat Cheerios or yogurt as soon as she arose)
(Another keep it real moment:  The above shot was the best of probably eight shots.  But hey, I love 'em all nonetheless)
(Yet another keep it real moment:  As precious as these two are, they can both get quite loud.  Don't let their sweet faces fool you, one we nicknamed squealing cat and the other screaming banchee :)

As I type this it is ferociously windy outside and we are back in the grind of things.  While we have MUCH to be thankful for, I also realize that come January when the snow is barreling down, I'll be very glad to look back at these pictures and reminisce...oh and conjure up that sound of sea and feel of warm sun on my skin ;)


  1. Send me an email with details of where you went and stayed. Looks AWESOME! Yay for sunshine!

    1. So I don't forget, Sharon, we were in Makarska...between Dubrovnik and Split, southern Croatia. I have no idea of the name of the actual place we were because our friends set all that up...but it was a great place. I believe, also, the exact spot we were at was something like Maricisi (Mariscici?)...don't know how helpful that will be!

  2. Ahh looks so nice there! And are those rocks I see instead of sand? As long as they're smooth maybe much nicer to play in... and less likely to get stuck everywhere :) Can't wait to hear the head busting story :)

    1. They are rocks, B! At first I wasn't a huge fan because we brought sand toys for E, but then she really liked playing with the rocks and it's SO much easier to clean up after it all. Oh yes, the head busting story will forever remain cemented in my memory...I need to share it with you!

  3. Cute family beach photo! Do you get Cheerios in Slovakia?? Jealous! We can find them in Delhi but only for about $14 a box...um no thanks! But I have a momma who spoils me and sends me some here. :) It seems like it gets really hot in your city as well as really cold. True? Glad you got some time in the sun!

    1. Er, we do get Cheerios...for which I am very thankful since I eat them every morning! And YES, it is both very hot (mostly just in late July and early August) and VERY cold (mostly all year hahaha). Miss you!


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