Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nora Rose: Five Months!

Oh man, oh man, our Nora turned five months old this past week.

And I really feel like she's growing by leaps and bounds.

See, told ya so.  More hair.  Longer.  No more infant status.  Straight up baby adorableness.

And she is rolling everywhere (never stays put on one side).

Talking (er, screeching) up a storm (we think she sounds JUST like a, seriously...thus the cat onesie).

We just moved her into the girls' shared room this month and so far it seems to be going just fine.  E sleeps like a champ and doesn't seem to be bothered by Nora's 1 am and 5 am hunger cries.  Thankful for that.

Her napping schedule is still not nailed down, but we're aiming for working on that in the next coming months (just because it makes life easier).  She still takes about two short naps in the am and then another nap in the afternoon.  

She's interested in toys more and more, but particularly likes grabbing faces and hair...mainly my long hair.  Ouch.  

Takes a paci very well, but spits it out once she's good and asleep.

Still no solid food, but I feel like that's coming soon too.

She's a joy, an absolute joy.  We love you, Norny, you model, you...


  1. Beautiful girl! Nolan just started some screeching. It's too funny! But I wouldn't say he sounds like a cat. Maybe it'll involve into a cat sound though by the time he is 5 months. :)

  2. What?! 5 months?? Gosh, it's time for another one isn't it ;) hehe. Also, she is gorgeous and looks just like you. And what a champ for putting up with her big sister riding her like a donkey. Still giggling about that one.


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