Friday, August 24, 2012

Eleven Months!

Interrupting our Venice pictures for some shots of our lil eleven month old cutie...

Eleven months...say what!?!?  How is it that next month our baby will be one year old?  Fastest. year. ever.

Early this a.m. we took Elise's eleven month photos.

Wow, it seems a whole lot happened over the past month.  The girl has really grown and learned lots of new skills.

Weight:  won't know for sure until our next appointment in Sept., but if I had to guess, she's gotta be a solid 20 pounds or more.

What's new:  TONS!  She can now blow kisses, wave really well, copy many facial expressions (like moving her tongue back and forth), point to my nose (but still not her own), she's climbing up on a lot of things and doesn't seem scared in the least, points at things in general, dances to all kinds of music, whines when she wants something (particularly food), and she's started squealing quite a bit.  She also knows quite well how to drink from a sippy cup and a regular cup (with help).

She's not yet walking on her own, but takes lots of guided steps with help :)

Also, this girl is still sporting her toothless grin (and oddly enough, I'm totally ok with that).  I love her gummy grin, though we keep expecting a bottom tooth where it seems there is a bud...any day now!

Food, oh food.  Let's be honest, this girl can put down the food.  She now pretty much eats what we eat...and seems to love most all of it.  She has a particular love for all fruit, eats meats well, and will eat veggies, though they're not her favorite.  But wow, I'm telling you, you would be impressed if you saw her eat...she's got it down pat!

Napping is still far from her favorite with two 40 minute naps being about all she can crank out.  She also is still a solid 5 am waker...she's consistent, this one.

Her personality shines more every day and she hardly meets a stranger.  She's still pretty attached to mama, but daddy makes her laugh like no other.

Happy ELEVEN months, big girl!  You're SUCH a blessing :)


  1. She looks so huge! Her legs look a mile long in the first one. Absolutely adorable! Can't believe she'll be 1 soon!

  2. Look at those long legs - watch out fellas! I like the last two pics a lot!

  3. Wow, she's really looking longer these days! Guess she's getting mama's long legs :) And, just to again state how huge Bennett is -- he's currently 19lbs at 4 1/2 months. Good lawt!!


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