Sunday, November 26, 2017

Millie Grace Palmer

The last time I blogged, it seems, was when our Sadie was born two years ago.  Obviously I'm not good at keeping our poor blog going, ha! However, since I have a poor memory and don't want to forget the births of our children in all the details, here we go with Millie's birth story. It may be that I'm the only one who will ever read this, and that's ok, but if you're interested in a good birth story, here ya go ;)

As trend would have it, Miss Millie was a solid five days "late" (but what is a due date anyway!?), following in her sisters' footsteps.  It was Thursday late afternoon and after attending Elise's school's Greek Olympics (a field day of sorts), Jas and I set off to the doctor for a 40 weeks plus visit.  They were going to do a non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure all looked well with baby.  All seemed fine with baby girl and for that we were grateful.  I must say, however, I was SO ready for her to come.  By forty plus weeks it seems like the baby will never, ever make its grand debut, though obviously they do.  I digress.

We headed home and I was DETERMINED to get this girl out.  I had been walking for weeks to no avail, so wasn't very optimistic that the walk I took that evening with my sweet friend was going to do any good.  We started our walk around 7 pm and all during our walk I was feeling crampy and uncomfortable, but wasn't optimistic since I'd been feeling that some on and off for weeks. I kept kind of "dancing" and "bobbing" up and down as we walked so I should have figured this meant something, haha!

I came in from the walk and decided to shower and get ready for the evening.  I knew I was having some contractions, but again, just thought they were more Braxton Hicks.  Eventually, around 9 or 10 pm I did decide to time the contractions, but they were very inconsistent and not in the slightest bit regular.  I climbed in bed, tired, very ready to meet our girl, and tried to get some sleep.  Contractions were still coming but they were nine, ten, twelve, fifteen, seven, five, eleven minutes apart...just like that.  Not even going to lie, I was frustrated.  Come on, body, baby, let's do this!

Around 3 am, I got up and was in enough pain that I decided ok, maybe this actually IS something.  I went to the bathroom, took a shower, and woke Jas up in the process.  I tried to lay back down all the while encouraging Jas to attempt sleeping again (haha!).  This didn't work, neither of us could sleep, and each time a contraction would come I was definitely feeling the pain. I still was in denial though and kept telling J this wasn't it and they would probably just send us home from the hospital if we went in then.  He wasn't having it and called the midwife anyway.  The midwife asked what number baby this was and when J replied "four," she said "come on!"  In my mind, however, I was just convinced they weren't going to keep us, thinking surely I wasn't more than four cm dilated as I had been for weeks.

We made our way to the car, and contractions were coming, but STILL very inconsistently.  This would end up being the theme for Millie's delivery.  We arrived at the hospital and Jas parked the car (aren't you supposed to drop your pregnant wife off at the emergency entrance!?) and we walked (very slowly) to the door. They were expecting us and I was offered a wheel chair.  For some strange reason I declined the wheel chair saying I would just walk it (in my mind still thinking we wouldn't be staying...crazy, I know).  It ended up being a longer walk than anticipated, down a hall, turn, down another hall, up an elevator, down another hall...yeesh! I wasn't prepared for that!  I had to stop several times and was a ball of emotion by this point, ha!

We made it to labor and delivery and a nurse walked us into an L&D room.  I was thinking we would be in a triage room so this threw me for a loop.  They started to put in my IV and get some blood and I just kept asking "are we staying?" The nurse looked at me like I was crazy.  She very confidently assured me that at this point we were staying (even before she knew how dilated I was).  When they did finally check I was 8, almost 9 cm! I could NOT believe it.  I was shocked.  It's pretty cool how the body works.

I labored, still very inconsistently, for another couple of hours.  This was so unlike any other delivery in that I had reached almost 9 cm and it wasn't progressing quickly as expected from past deliveries.  I even laughed and joked and talked about Call the Midwives (my favorite tv show) with the midwife and L&D nurse.  Contractions were coming but many minutes apart even still.  Eventually, a couple hours in, midwife Amy asked if I'd like my water to be broken.  I was definitely hesitant, but at this point in the game nothing seemed to be progressing, so after much talk and many questions, I consented. 

Then things started to pick up.  Contractions became stronger, somewhat closer together, but definitely stronger.  When they came they were INTENSE and since I had been given nothing to take the edge off, I was feeling them BIG.  Baby Millie was making her way down, however, part of my cervix wouldn't move so things weren't going very fast.  This was frustrating because I was having very intense contractions but it seemed to last forever and ever.  I had to do some pre-pushing (that's what I'm going to call it) to get things moving.  Over an hour, lots of pain, and many, many tears later, Millie Grace came crying into the world.  They laid her on my shaking body and I was overwhelmed yet again at God's goodness and grace.  She was a perfect gift and worth every ounce of pain.  What's more, in God's ultimate plan, she was born exactly 10 years to the date of Jason asking me to be his girlfriend.  Pretty neat. October 27th, I like you :)

Millie Grace Palmer.  October 27 2017.  11:17 am.  A whopping 9 lbs 12 oz.  22 inches long. 

I still can't believe it.  Thank you, Lord, for your good and perfect gift.

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  1. woohoo!!!!! praise the Lord! I, for one, and so glad you wrote this post! and documented His great grace towards you and your precious family. happy happy happy holidays, friend!


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