Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nora Rose: ONE YEAR!

The time has come.  Nora Rose is one year old.  Hard for me to fathom (though I know I sound like a broken record each month, it just always baffles me how quickly the time flies).

She's a little light and joy.
At one year old she:

~ Repeats/copies/does just about everything her sister does.  It's just the cutest thing.  Elise coughs, Nora coughs.  Elise claps, Nora claps, and so on.  Adorable.

~ Eats well, generally.  Loves carrots (with a touch of cinnamon), yogurt, bananas, and veggies still not her fav.
(Not the greatest photo, but still sweet of N exploring her sprinkle pancakes and candle :)

~ Naps two times a day still.  10 am and 1:30 pm.  Seems to work pretty well, though she's not a long sleeper.  At night she goes to sleep at 7:45 and still consistently wakes up at 5 am...but will then go back to sleep until about 6:30 am.  Ah, our girlies are not known for their amazing sleeping skills ;)

~ LOVES playing with shoes and taking them all over the house.  She also thinks it's the coolest thing ever to get ahold of the wipes and take them out.
~ Has started climbing up on the couches, which is both really cute and a bit nerve-wrecking too (we're afraid she'll fall right off, even though she knows how to get down feet first).

~ This girl never slows down and keeps us on our toes.  She's a little cute ball of energy (and a big part of the reason we're tired at night...but it's worth it ;)
~ Is starting to demonstrate her own opinions.  Is not too happy if you tell her no or take something away from her.  Hehe.

~ Still doesn't have much hair, has three teeth on bottom and two on top with two more top teeth coming in, and wears generally between 9 and 12 month clothes (though more 12 month now).
Nory girl, we don't know where the time has gone, but we know it's just going to keep flying.  Life with you in it is so much sweeter.  We're thankful God allowed you to be "ours" a year ago and we pray for many more years with you.  Keep true to your name, little, and be that light He made you to be! Happiest Birthday, We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Nora!!! You are too cute with your (little) big self!!!

  2. Been looking forward to this post. :) Happy birthday Nora!! Can't wait to meet you! And Char good to see your perty face in that last pic.


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