Friday, April 25, 2014

Life Lately...

In just over a month from now we head back to the states.  To say things are pretty busy and slightly overwhelming might just be a true statement ;)

So before I forget, I wanted to post a few memorable pics from the last month or so (they never made it to the blog for one reason or another...probably because it's hard for me to find time to blog these days! yikes.)
I love me a good toddler smile...and this chick has it down pat.
See, more toddler smile proof...(above with her good friend Lea)
And this little girl is in the throughs of not being able to express herself very well, poor babe...which means squeals and tears and mini tantrums (she's only a year old!?!?).  But I mean, come on, look at that little face! I could eat her right up (after she finishes squealing, that is ;)
With some of our sweet friends...who just happen to have two daughters the same ages as ours.  Cool, huh?
And we spent Easter visiting with these lovely peeps that we miss (well, only one of them is pictured).  Aren't those eggs fun?  Tie-dye and glitter for the win :)

So how's that for random?  But that's kinda how my brain feels these days...filled with a gazillion random things I need to accomplish.  Thankful for God's grace during this season!

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