Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nora's One Year Party!

We kept it small, simple, and sweet for Nora's first birthday party.  We didn't invite too many people anyway, but in the end, quite a few weren't able to make it (not going to lie, I was kind of bummed), BUT it was fine and we were thankful for those who were there :)

The most important thing:  we got to celebrate our sweet girl!
 This was the invitation we sent out, but it had details on it, of course.  I created a blank one because we plan to have another small party with family and friends when we're in the states in June! :)
Isn't Nora's cake AMAZING!?!?  Our friend, Zuzka, has made both of E's cakes and now N's too.  I told her she HAS to open a cake business.  She's great.
This is the best shot we could get with our Zuzka...(one year olds are super wiggly :)
Told ya, really simple food.  But good, nonetheless.  I think the kiddos liked it all, haha.
Love this lil family of mine.  N wasn't scared of the singing, nor the cake...and I have to admit, I was surprised.  I was thinking she might be...but nope!  She handled it like a champ (I think she just wanted to eat the cake, haha...chocolate lover like her mama :)
Proof.  The aftermath.  She was a big fan of the cake.  Mmmmmmm.
And the last photo is of E pinning the dots on the ladybug.  Quick, fun game.  

Loved celebrating our little lady...but one year flew by wayyyyy too fast!

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