Saturday, March 26, 2011

93 + 1

Thursday night we got together with our adopted "grandpa" Elton to celebrate his 93rd birthday.  This guy is awesome.

He loves the Lord, is hilarious, strong-willed, a giver, and just a genuine man.  We have really enjoyed spending time with him.

Take a look at some of the action from his 93rd birthday...

Another one of Marianne's delicious creations.

And my camera started acting a little funky at this point (remember it's been a while since I've really put it to use like normal.)  Let's just say I was overjoyed to get back to it...

We'll miss that guy, along with all our other grandparents (and family!).

Speaking ONE DAY we leave! Tomorrow, tomorrow! We still have to do last minute packing (you know, all that final stuff), and then we'll be on our way to the airport.  Slovakia, here we come :)


  1. Travel safely! we'll miss you guys and can't wait to see your update when you get there! praying for you!

  2. Such a sweet time to celebrate with one sweet saint. He is a special man. Safe travels. Love you guys!

  3. Glad you guys got to party in style all the way up until your departure. :) Can't wait to see slovakia through your camera lens!!


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