Sunday, December 2, 2012

{Very} Simple Paper Christmas Ornaments

How's that for a straightforward post title?

Our "Fun Under the Parachute" Mama's group is having a Mikulas (think Slovak St. Nicholas) Christmas party for the kids this coming week.  We're going to have a visit from Mikulas (along with the angel and devil-like guy, aka, Jason), eat some little cakes, talk about Advent, and decorate a tree!

Soooo...we needed some small paper ornaments for the tree.  I decided to whip up some small, EASY ones.  All you need for these are any type of leftover Christmas crafty supplies, durable paper, some scissors, tape, and string.

I used some stickers, magazine cutouts from last year, stick-on rhinestones, and glitter glue to decorate mine.  And then all you have to do is let your Christmas spirit come out and get those creative juices flowing!  Easy, cute, and fun.

My (awesome) hubs even got in on the action.  That's what I love about him.  He created a spiral-y Christmas tree of sorts with glitter glue "ornaments."

My favorites have to be this cute little gingerbread couple.  I simply glued them on and added rhinestones and string as the hanger.  I think we'll keep these guys around.

Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread modeled for me on the tree.  How cute are they!?

(Mr. G did get a little dinged up, oops)

And that's IT!  So if you're in a pinch, decorating on a dime, or just need a cute Christmas craft to do with your kids or friends...this one's for you.  Now go get your Christmas craft on!

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  1. Hey Charity, Better Homes and Gardens magazine this month has a whole article on paper ornaments that you can make. if you want, I'll scan the article and send it to you to give you some more ideas! I'd actually read it and thought of you before I even saw your post!


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