Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nora Rose: Eight Months!

Our "little" girl isn't so very little anymore!

Nora Rose turns eight months old today.  Let it be said, time is seriously flying by.
Weight:  Around about 17 pounds these days.

Eating:  After having quite a few cranky days lately, we've decided to up her solids intake.  She's now getting three solid meals a day (fruit and veggies mostly) and still nurses 4 to 5 times a day.  I'm thinking the girl has hit a major growth spurt (plus is perhaps experiencing some separation anxiety!?).  It should also be noted that this girl LOVES peas and carrots (which I hope will last forever…we need at least one pea-loving person in this family!)

Sleeping:  She's (mostly) on a sleeping schedule that includes two smaller naps and one longer midday nap.  At night she's still waking to eat once, but she does seem quite hungry for that one, so we're going with it.  

Fun things:  We've got a clapper!  Cutest little clap it is, too.  She's also crawling faster now and pulling up on lots of things.  She's quite agile (as proven by the picture above) and will sit in some funny positions (Jason calls one of them her football stance because she sits like she's holding the football about to be kicked, or something like that, ha!).  She also WILL NOT sit down in the bathtub which makes bathing her quite challenging.  Lastly, the girl does not like to be away from us.  If we're in one room and move to another, so does our Nor.  Sweetie baby.

(putting the star on the tree with Daddy Boy)
(hahaha, Nor is a bit skeptical, but scenes like this can be seen daily around here)
(out of focus a bit, but I still love this picture)
(Thanksgiving 2013…love these three!)

(Disclaimer:  I promise Nor does smile, but they're obviously harder to catch on this girl!)

Nor Nor, we love love you and sure do love watching you grow :)


  1. Happy 8 mos N! And I love the pic of E pushing her in the stroller. What a big girl :)

  2. Finally someone likes peas!!! Just giving you a hard time. ;). Evan STILL does not like to sit in the bathtub and hasn't since he could stand. Drives us crazy sometimes.


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