Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Friends, Good Memories

Yesterday I got to spend some much-needed QT (that's quality time for any non-acronymers out there) with my college roommates.

We headed out to Wake Forest where Erin resides and hung out there for most of the day.  We did what friends do:  caught up, took pictures, went to dinner, made brownies...ya know, all the makings for a fun-filled day...

And we continued our typical Cranium championship.  I am sad to say Erin and I lost to Emily and Steph one more time (just twice over all).  But don't worry, the next time we play Erin and I are going to BRING it. Just wait.

This year will bring about lots of change for us all.  One just graduated from grad school, one has a husband going in the marines, and two of us are headed overseas.  A lot different from our college days.

I am thankful for these ladies!

And while I won't see them for a good couple of years, I excitedly anticipate our next day of quality time.  Oh, and being a Cranium Champ :)


  1. So. Much. Fun. What an awesome day it was! Love these pictures. I think I might just do a post on them too so our readers can see my best friends!


  2. Four of the prettiest girls I have ever known (inside and out)

    I love you,

  3. Though I maybe, slightly whined at the end :) I'm glad we took all those pictures! They are great memories. And when we pick up where we left off in a few years, Em and I will be ready to WIN again! haha BRING IT :) -Steph


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