Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowing all the way!

This past week/weekend we have been traveling like it's our job.  Our first stop was Virginia for some sweet ski action, then we headed the opposite direction, to the beach for visiting some family.

And we have been enjoying our fair share of snow!  Now, snow in the mountains while skiing, is expected.  However, snow at the beach, well, that's far less common.

But we did finally make it back home today from the beach in less than favorable driving conditions. Yikes.

Here ya go, from the mountains...

To the beach...

Ya like my makeshift-scarf-hat?  It was coooold and I was unprepared!

We made a stop to see the snow on the beach and he quickly found these three shark teeth.  Impressive.

Two trips down, one more trip to Hickory to see my family once more before heading to training.

That is if this crazy, snowy, weather holds off!

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