Saturday, July 9, 2011


We arrived back to Bratislava yesterday after being gone for close to two weeks.  Our first week gone was spent in POLAND.  Wisla, Poland to be exact.

We didn't have a whole lot of time to get out and explore lil Wisla due to meetings and less than favorable weather, but the first day there we did get to hit the town once.

At one place we stopped Sonya and I were excited to meet some celebrities!  These guys were gracious enough to stop and pose in front of their latest concert sign "GANGSTERZY RAPERZY."  They part of the crew, 'yo.

Cute little downtown Wisla.

Typical tourist pose in front of the Wisla sign...

We then took a short walk along the river.  We saw these little rock towers just hanging out there in the river!  Supposedly, Slovaks (and Polish alike?) feel the need to create these little rock towers when they get in the cool!

Little cabin in the woods tucked up above the river.  How would you like to live here!?

Wish we had had more time to explore Wisla, but the week ended and we hopped in the car for Ruzomberok, Slovakia.  Lots of pictures to share from this past week!  Stay tuned :)

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