Friday, January 27, 2012

Quality Daddy Time

Elise LOVES her daddy.  He makes her smile (and nearly laugh) sooo often.  And it is (in my most humble mom opinion ;) ADORABLE.

Jas does this little dance/smile combo that has her grinning from ear to ear (not to mention he looks hilarious doing it)...I caught a little clip of the action...

A couple things to note...
1)  That's our tutor Terezia who comes over twice a week to help us learn this language.
2)  I wish you could get the full effect of Jason's dance...but that's a lil snippet
3)  That is one HUGE grin for such a little girl...and then she gets a little scared of the kiss (cuuuute)

And I've also captured a few sweet moments of late:

I really love watching their relationship develop.  I realize how important it is for a girl to have a special place in her daddy's heart...and vice versa.  Thankful Elise has a dad that loves her...and am praying for the both of them daily :)


  1. Precious pictures of Jason and Elise. One of my favorite all time stories is Geraldine's Blanket! I used to read it to my students and of course, to my own sweet children. I still have Charity's blanklet(s), too! Love you all forever and always...

  2. So cute! And that first one of her reading her book. She looks SO into it! I believe your humble opinion is correct...ADORABLE!

  3. just made my day.......a picture of pure adoration......she loves her dad......reminds me of someone else I know around here:) Luv U Guys...thankful for this blog and facebook, so we can grow up with Elise:)

  4. Aww! That is just adorable. She is definitely a daddy's girl I see. Does mommy do a dance too? Because I'd love to see it ;)

  5. Sooo Cute!Just love you all and her so much!

    Grandma & Grandpa

  6. So adoooorable!!! I don't wanna do my homework anymore. I will just be replaying the video over and over again. And yes, it is a HUGE blessing for her to have a dad like that :,)


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