Friday, October 12, 2012

Sightings by the Lake (and thankfulness)

Ok, this post is going to be filled with some fun, interesting animals AND with me taking a minute to gush about my hubby.  You ready for this? :)

So apparently I spoke a little too soon about this pregnancy being better than last.  It seems it's caught up with me!  For the last week or so I've been feeling exhausted, spending far too much time with a toilet (TMI, I'm sure), and just feeling overwhelmed with growing a baby inside (don't get me wrong, I'm still incredibly's just apparently no easy task for my body ha).  BUT, my man has been taking good good care of us.  He's trying his very very best not to complain, but to just do.  He's cleaned, he's cooked, he even voluntary went to the local pharmacy when he was supposed to be taking some 'him time' and asked for some anti-nausea medicine for me.  I'm thankful for him.

He's also taken E out a couple times over the past weeks for walks or to play at a local indoor playplace.  This gives me some time to just "veg" (or rather, sleep in peace, throw up in peace, or cry in peace haha...this stage of pregnancy TOO SHALL PASS, right? ;)  Basically, he's been SuperDad (thanks, babe!).

One such time out together they decided to venture across the road to our nearby lake.  Right next to the lake is a popular spot for out-of-town circuses.  This time it is an Italian circus there, but often it's Hungarian, etc.  Jas claimed that Elise needed to see the animals, but I, myself, think really the kid in him just wanted to see them ;)

And he caught some great shots of these animals...let's start with my fav:

Doesn't everyone have a camel chillin' in their backyard?  LOVE that face!

Or maybe an elephant like below?

The lake is also a great place to watch the swans (we've literally watched these guys grow up over the last year...)

And finally this day in particular there was a sailboat regatta (hope that is the right word...Jas taught me that ha :) happening on the lake.

He took some great shots, huh!?

And finally I snapped one good one too...

Today I am going to look at that pic above and choose to be thankful for the man God provided me with (not just) during this challenging pregnancy season of life...I'm also going to look at that cute little girl and realize that 28 weeks of nausea was totally worth it, just as I pray that all the nausea this time around will be worth it again come April :)  Much to be thankful for.

 What are you thankful for today?  Perhaps that zebra out your window? ;)


  1. We've got monkeys at the intersection! Thankfulness is the cure for what ails you! (well, that and a toilet and getting to April:) Good job choosing to be thankful...fills your mouth and heart up with the good stuff and leaves less room for complaining. You're doing great Mama! Keep growing that baby!

  2. sorry you haven't been feeling too well :( hope it passes quickly!! I love the swan pictures, btw.

  3. Aw, hate that you're this sick. I was hoping that it would be less than the first time around. Super cute way to announce the news, btw. :)

  4. Love you being thankful! And, today, I just wish i could step through your blog. I love that water...those circuses. I used to run there. Man....I miss Blava SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

  5. I remember that feeling all too well - it seemed like it would never end, yet now it's a distant memory. Funny how that works. But so glad you have great support there for you! And btw, you know how I love camels - and I just giggled like a little girl at your pictures :)


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