Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Updates

Well, here we are...16 weeks pregnant and with a 13 month old!!  How, oh how, can that be?

I thought I'd update a little on how pregnancy is going this time around, and also it's past time I gave an Elise update...she is a growing like a weed!

First up, lil E.

This little girl continues to be a blessing.  She is thirteen months and some change...and she's had some major developments!  She eats well, though doesn't particularly love her veggies (we're getting them in her still, however).  She LOVES snacking and eating in general though...interesting thing is at last appointment she hadn't gained any weight, but had gained a lot in height!  So we'll see what happens at next appointment.  She does eat non-stop.

She's gotten great at going down for naps and bedtime...without even a peep.  We tuck her in beside Alex and Woof Woof and cover her with a blanket and asleep she goes.  She still doesn't take long naps during the day (about 50 minutes the first time and 1.5 hours the second time), but she seems to function just fine, so we'll take what we get.  She's a wonderful sleeper at night and never wakes up, but since our recent time change she's reverted back to waking up at around 6 am...hopefully her body will soon decide 7 am is a nicer wake-up time :)

She walks like a champ and LOVES dancing and singing.  Her favorite video is on youtube and is an animated Barefoot book called "Portside Pirates."  She even knows some hand motions to it that we taught her :)   Her vocab now includes:  baby, water, banana, uh oh, ball, dada, mama, up, button, Alex, yum, woof woof, whoa, and wow (all of course said in her sweet little baby voice).

She still has only 3.5 teeth...haha!  They're the cutest little partial teeth (not even all the way out yet).  The top two have started coming in, and 1.5 on the bottom are working their way out as well.

And while she's mostly incredibly sweet, she's started to test us, oh yes.  Discipline now has a meaning in this house.  She knows the word "no" and its meaning, but she's easily willing to see if she can get away with something a second, third, fourth time, etc.  Jas and I are navigating new parenting waters, and we're learning just how sinful we are at the same time.  The joys of parenthood, eh!?

So that's our little 13 month old in a nutshell!  We love the socks off of her ;)

And now here's the rundown on how things are going pregnancy wise.

(apparently I have a thing for gray and stripes)

Pregnancy, oh pregnancy.  As I mentioned before I had a rough two + weeks about two weeks ago.  Since then things (namely nausea, tiredness) have been increasingly more random, but I've felt better overall.  In fact, I actually have some energy this time around that I didn't really have with Elise.  I still try to get in (at least :) one nap a day...typically when E naps.  I have a fairly consistent bedtime of approximately 9:30 pm..I mean isn't that when all 26 year olds go to bed? ;)

I've had no real cravings (at least nothing that has lasted longer than a few days), but truly my appetite has yet to return.  I'm ready to want to eat again and enjoy it!

We had an appointment today and thankfully (praise the Lord!) the baby looks healthy.  We saw he/she move around and wave at us, which never fails to amaze me.

I feel like this time around I'm poking out a bit sooner...woo hoo for bellies that already know what to do ;)  But we're continually thankful, hopeful, and prayerful for this lil one God is growing.  It's in His hands.  Amazing.

So that's all the updating we've got going on over here for now...time to sign off, my bedtime is quickly approaching ;)


  1. You are, as always, beautiful Charity! I cannot believe how much E has changed since we were there in August. We miss you guys so much! Please give her a squeeze from Aunt Amy (and maybe a "Line, line, circle, circle....")!

  2. Goodness, she does look like she grew a few inches! I was wondering if you were going to do weekly belly shots or not for the second.... you look great!! Totally normal to show earlier the second time around too :-)

  3. So glad she's an easy napper. B sleeps about the same amount which worries me, but he doesn't seem to want to sleep any more than that (thanks a lot, Kevin)! Guess he's ready to be a toddler :) And yeah, whoever started daylight savings did NOT have a baby. B is up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 which means mommy needs a nap too! Your lil belly is soooo cute. I can't wait to find out if it's full of little boy or little girl :)


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