Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin' and Treatin'

Well, I realize it's a few days past Halloween now...but roll with me here, will ya? ;)

We're not the biggest celebrate-rs of Halloween, but we do enjoy carving a pumpkin.  And this year we decided to dress Elise up (we did last year too just for a mini photo shoot) and take her "trick or treating," (or rather walking from door to door in our flat and getting some toddler appropriate treats ha!).  Yes, we're corny...but we just decided to go for it ;)

She was overjoyed with her little pumpkin.  Really, she just loved taking the top on and off.  It was TOO cute.

Haha!  Her little scrunchy face makes me giggle.

Then we dressed her up as an Appalachian cheerleader (woot woot...go Mountaineers!).  She went "trick or treating" to her first door and received some bananas...tee hee.

Also, can you tell I just threw her costume together last minute?  She didn't even have pom poms! (shame on da mama)

Then it was time to go to the next door (did I mention that not surprisingly she didn't really get this concept very well?).  Daddy took this next photo, and well, it's not the best...but at least she knows mama was there too ;)

After one more door we finished trick or treating.  Later that evening we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown..." and E seemed to like that almost as much as her dad and mom.

So with that, we had quite the good Halloween.

And we'll end with a most hilarious photo of last year's Halloween costume (little ballerina)...

Oh the difference a year makes!!!  Where did that tiny baby go!?


  1. love those first two pictures with the pumpkin and that she was an ASU cheerleader :)

  2. Love the ASU dress! She is so cute! S Popham

  3. how cute!! and ohh my, that's crazy how much she has changed in a year. love that sweet little grin :)


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