Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chalkboard Banner Fun

Anything covered in chalkboard paint is the latest craze, right?

Wellllll....I jumped on the bandwagon :)  This project, however, is a completely stolen one.  This blog is one of my favorites and she had posted this as a Craft Weekend project some time ago.

I got the wooden banner here.  I think if I could I'd buy her whole Etsy shop!

And while I was there, I also snagged the little wooden birdie.  I still haven't painted him because I think he kinda goes nicely there in his natural wood form...what do you think?  Paint him or leave him?

So when it arrived, I got busy covering my wooden banner in chalkboard paint on one side and on the other side I modge-podged striped and polka dotted scrapbook paper.  Now it's versatile!  Fun paper on one side, chalkboard on the other.

As I mentioned on the blog before, I got those little Instagram prints here.  I love them and I think it's time to add some more!

I know it looks completely silly, but I taped up the banner with strong tape.  Since we live in a rented flat our landlady isn't the biggest fan of holes in the wall.  I'm still trying to come up with better solutions.  Ideas?

And here's a little glance at the other side:

There's some polka dotted paper on the back of some of them too :)  Love me some red and white stripes and polka dots!

So that's my latest project and even though it took me the better part of three weeks to complete (we'll blame that on raising a toddler, being pregnant, and learning another language all at the same time ;)...I'm quite happy with it!

Have you done any chalkboard projects?  I've got some paint left that needs using! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm gonna sound like someone who's as old as the hills, but there's chalkboard paint?????? How come I never heard of this? Oh right, I have a little monkey toddler girl that keeps me busy all the time :DD... Love the idea!!! And I absolutely LOVE chalk boards!!!! Thanx for posting!!!! Hugs and kisses to the lovely ladies :-)

  2. I love the chalkboard banner! I've never seen a wooden one like that either. Very cool! We have a half a can of chalkboard paint sitting around too, so if I discover any uses for it I will let you know.


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