Monday, November 26, 2012

It's MARKET Time!

One of the things we enjoy about this culture is the markets that go down here.  Christmastime brings out the best markets and we just love 'em.

It smells good, there are lots of people milling around, everything is all lit up, and it's a great place to hang out with friends (well, a pretty good is rather crowded to say the least).

And as long as you're walking, you don't notice the cold so much :)

So we met some friends there the other night and enjoyed a few hours downtown before E's bedtime.

I didn't snap as many pictures as I should have (sorry, Father-in-law, we're going back, promise!), but here's what I did get:

She thought she was big stuff getting to stand up on the fountain (too bad there were fast kids running around, so it didn't last long).

And because she missed an afternoon nap this day, she was cranky (thus the naptime paci).

Which lead to...

Conked out.  And adorable.  She slept for a solid 45 minutes, which resulted in a later bedtime (we're going through a strange period of in between two naps and one nap currently...)

And that means her daddy and I took a pic.


And I'll leave you with the only non-Palmer-family picture of the night...

Yay for market time!  I plan on getting better pictures (and more of them!) next time we go!


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