Saturday, January 12, 2013

Her First Tantrum

You ready for a wordy post?

This occurred during our trip to the states and I just want to document it as a reminder of the first time this happened and of the lessons I learned from it :)

Settle in, here goes!

My mother-in-law and I decided to take a trip to the outlets (I mean we're talking The Children's Place, Carter's...outlet stores...I was down!).  I was excited about looking for some baby things at a more reasonable price.  Anyway, all that's really background information.

We got to the outlets and E did pretty well in the stores...a little whining, but nothing major or out of the ordinary for being in her stroller.

Then we decided to head out, but first, a stop by one of the merry-go-round type rides.  Another father was debating letting his little girl ride, so I told him I'd split the price with him (it was a dollar for the ride!! CRAZY) and both girls could go together.  So we did just that.  E LOVED IT.  She was all smiles.

And the ride stopped.  I got her down.  Oh wow.  The floodgate let loose.  We're talking tears, flailing legs and arms, screaming "uppie, uppie," which in toddler language was meaning "put me down!" I mean we're talking a first class temper tantrum here folks...legitimate throwdown.

So then we walked, er, flailed, our way over to the outdoor (free) slides where I decided it would be smart to set up my expectations for her this time (ya know, since at fifteen months old she could understand them and all ;)  So we took a few rides down the slide and then I said something along the lines of "ok, E, this is your last go on the slide and then we're going home, alright?"  Down the slide she went, I picked her up and "WAAAAAAAA," there went the tears and wailing again.

I have to say as we made our way to the car passersby were looking at us, but truthfully, they reacted kindly.  One lady even said, "oh, I remember those days..." in an I-feel-sorry-for-you-but-I-don't kind of voice.  Ha.  So we got to the car and the screaming continued for some 10 minutes or so down the road.  But eventually, all was settled and calmness was restored.

I learned a lot that day.  My girl isn't perfect.  She's perfectly created by God for Jas and I to watch over, but she's a sinner.  Just like her mama and daddy.  She has her own opinions and her own will.  She's going to reacting accordingly, but it's our responsibility to set up guidelines and parameters for her so that she learns to obey the Father and us.  I also was reminded that even though I'm sure this was the first of future will-declaring moments, I have to continually pray for wisdom for Jas and I in the parenting department.  Thankfully, just as God has granted grace to us as parents, he's also granted grace to our offspring.  So glad.  And man, even when she pitches a fit, I love the mess out of her.  Unconditional love it is, little girl.

Here she is just minutes before it all broke loose.  Please note how she's riding backwards...that girl is a trendsetter, I'd say ;)

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  1. Yup. We tell ours, "Crying and screaming doesn't get you anything. You need to turn off your fussy and use your words." :) It's a tough tough transition going from a baby who cries to get what they want to a "big girl" who talks to express their needs...the mix is a tantrum for sure! The sooner they learn tantrums don't work, the more peace there'll be all around! Sounds like you're on the ball! Good job Mommy!


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