Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Twenty-Eight Weeks!

Say WHAT!?!?

How in the world did that happen?  Seriously.

Here is how the belly is shaping up these days...

Overall I'm still feeling pretty well.  Sleeping is starting to become more of an issue as it's harder to get comfortable and these hips 'o mine are generally aching when I wake.  But that's just how it goes.  Also, I've been in the habit of waking up around 1 am this past week to eat...because I'm SO HUNGRY. It's rather annoying to go to bed early enough knowing that I'll be waking up at 1 am, but ya know, pretzels and yogurts are my BFF's come snack-time :)

Lil Nora is moving quite a good bit and it still remains my favorite thing.  Tomorrow is the beloved glucose test (ick!)...praying all goes well with that.

And just for reflection's sake, below is a picture of yours truly at 28 weeks pregnant with Elise...

Surprisingly not as different as I thought, though I feel 10 times larger this time around...ha!

Oh and one last note, I guess I should explain the little approximation mark before the twenty-eight weeks.  Since I really don't have a good due date (somewhere between April 2nd and April 17th has been the general consensus), I am theoretically around the twenty-eighth week.  But what are due dates anyway?  Elise came six days "late" and for all we know this baby could come six days "early" (maybe late March?? might be nice!)...We will see what God has planned for this little one's life!  All the while I'll just be soaking up the moments of little tummy kicks and punches.

Maybe next we should guess Nora's due date, huh? ;)


  1. Subsequent pregnancies are great because you still get all the fun of kicks and such but watching older sibling(s) lessens the boredom that comes with the first and only having a belly to stare at everyday (in your nice, quiet, "do whatever you want to" filled house:) HA! So excited that you're getting so close! Can't wait to meet little Nora!

  2. I feel like your pregnancy is flying by, ahh!!!

  3. Girl, if anything I think you look smaller in this pic than last pregnancy! And I think April 13th would be a nice birthday. Bennett would be glad to share ;-)


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