Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Is Them

I feel like these pictures perfectly represent our girls right now...

Pig-tailed Elise playing with her babies all while being dressed up as a butterfly in necklaces :) Sweet baby Nora just chilling, throwing out smiles here and there.  Ah, I love them.


  1. I am LOVING this "baby" thing! After 5 years of car crashing sounds and balls and train whistling, watching Immanuelle tuck her babies in, carry them, feed them, hug them...all without being "taught" to do it...cutest thing ever!
    Enjoy enjoy Mama! Those are some sweet girls ya got there!

  2. So sweet! And I'm pretty sure E is nursing her baby in pic 2... which is too precious. Already trying to be like mommy. No pressure, right? ;)

  3. Yay, a smiling pick of Miss Nora! She always looks so serious, I'm glad to see she's doing more smiling for the camera. Just love your girls, so cute! I hope you are having a lovely summer!! :)

  4. Elise, you are just too stylish! Setting new trends everyday :)


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