Friday, July 5, 2013

Zebras in Bratislava?

Yes indeed there are!  And lions, tigers, and bears, too.

Oh my.

We loaded up last Saturday morning and took the girls to the local zoo.  It's a good zoo, but a good bit different from one you'd find in the states.  Particularly in the safety category.  There were giraffes and zebras just a few feet away from us and Elise could've easily (EASILY...see the first three pics) fallen in had we not been with her.

Kinda scary.  But still really fun.

That big girl there loved all the animals.  She was pretty enthralled the whole time (minus when she got scared by a crazy hormone-filled chimpanzee, poor guy).

And this little girl here, well, she just loved sleeping.  Though by the end of our trip she had decided to join us awake people :)

And I'll spare you all of our animal pictures but for my three favorite...

A fun family time it was.  And both girls conked out in the car on the way home...great way to wear 'em out for naptime (and mom too!)

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